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Live action Squirrel Girl


Sorry, I can’t comment on any projects currently in production. Thank you.









Game of E3 2017 for me.


It’s still a ways off right? 2018 release?


Fine by me. 2017 is already full for me: Uncharted Lost Legacy, Horizon DLC, Destiny 2, Battlefront 2 and that’s after I finish Last of Us and Mass Effect 4. Plus, smaller games like Micro Machines and Wipeout.

And with what Sony showed last night… 2018 is already looking quite nice. Spider-man, Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit???


[QUOTE=Nirolak;240874071 on NeoGAF]So I’m not exactly calling this the Spider-Man E3 info thread since, well, there’s presumably a lot that isn’t covered here, but I noticed a few things in interviews.

  • The game is singleplayer only.
  • The game is mostly open world, though there are some cinematic linear segments.
  • The open world is 4-6 times the size of Sunset Overdive.
  • You won’t be killing anyone in the game.
  • There will be a lot of gameplay and story segments where you play as Peter Parker going about his day instead of Spider-Man. They say it will actually focus as much on Peter as it does on Spider-Man, but I don’t know if that statement just applies to the story, or to the gameplay segments as well.
  • The mission from the gameplay demo will be a bit different in the final version. For example, they mention you save a lot more people in the actual game, and there are actually failure states, but for the purposes of the demo, they changed things up a bit.
  • They note that Spider-Man is 23 in the game, and has been Spider-Man for eight years, so he’s pretty accomplished, though as you might have noticed in the trailer, far from 100% confident in himself.
  • They confirm that Miles Morales was the guy at the end of the trailer. They won’t say if he’s playable, but they mentioned he’s there because they want to show this is a different kind of Spider-Man story.
  • They also note that Miles’ role is much bigger than a cameo.
  • Marvel noted that they want their games to help develop their less well known characters as well, and Insomniac mentioned that Miles’ inclusion was also part of this initiative. Marvel had previously noted that they view diversity in gaming as extremely important, so there’s that factor as well.
  • There will also be villains beyond Mr. Negative and Kingpin.
  • They talk a bit more about the gadgets and how you can use things like tripwires on two people instead of just traditionally. They’re trying to have a lot of combat options.
  • In case it wasn’t obvious, this is not tied to any existing Spider-Man story.
  • For the most neurotic fans, Insomniac assures that the white Spider-Man symbol is meaningful and has a purpose that’s explained in game.





In the past, we’ve talked a lot about how the best Spider-Man stories happen when Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s worlds collide. So to understand Peter’s world a bit, players will also play as Peter during parts of the game. Not only that, Mary Jane has a significant role here too. MJ is a smart, savvy reporter with The Daily Bugle and she’s investigating the suspicious activity happening throughout the city. She won’t be just a bystander either, so yes, players will even play as MJ for key moments.


We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing Spider-Man to PlayStation 4 in 2018. To celebrate the trailer, we are hosting a special livestream this Friday, November 3rd, at 2pm PDT. We’ll be doing a rewind of the trailer, giving away rare development team swag, and answering your questions. If you have something you’d like to ask, we’ll be putting out a call for questions on Twitter and you can tweet us your question. Join us this Friday at www.twitch.tv/insomniacgames.




Looking good


Still looking good but I’m concerned about the depth of combat. All of the different web types and combat look neat but I hope they incorporate those moves into the encounters. Like, there are plenty of games where you have abilities but don’t ever really need to use them in combat, you just melee because it’s easier and faster. I know it won’t be the case but I hope that in boss encounters you need to figure out how to defeat them using many/most of the cadre of weapons at your disposal.



So. Hyped.





Fast travel.