Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
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I definitely enjoyed it. My wife said it ran about 20 minutes too long and I won’t give the details as to how.

As Bimb said, way less Iron-Man than you’d think in this movie. Plenty of fan service within the film as well. Michael Keaton is great. Tom Holland nailed it. Must rewatch.


Yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of it. More of this Spidey would be awesome.



That’s the Spider-man from the comics. Tobey Maguire had the nerdiness down, but was not funny nor witty. Andrew Garfield was not Peter Parker AT ALL. He was emo-Spider-man and I didn’t enjoy either of his movies.

This one is perfect. He was funny. He was nerdy. He looked like he was in high school and not 30-years-old like Garfield. He was awkward. He fumbled a lot, like someone inexperienced would do. The action was well done. Michael Keaton was brilliant as always. I don’t have one point of criticism for this entire movie. I liked the music. It tied in perfectly with the other Marvel movies. All of the side characters had personalities.

Now… Sony needs to let Marvel help them with Venom. After seeing what they can do working together… I don’t want to see another Sony-only superhero/villain movie ever again.


Yo, this movie is dope as hell.