Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
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You are right, I knew parody wasn’t the right word when I used it, but I’m not millennial enough to use meta.


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…but I’m not millennial enough to use meta.[/quote]



Amazing trailer, Instead of 1 hero 1 movie, marvel combine many heros into one movie


Sweet, twitter videos work now.



They are really shoving that Robert Downey cameo down our throats, aren’t they?


Stallone showing up in Guardians 2 is a cameo; Tony Stark is definitely more of a supporting character in this.

Also, that poster is terrible.


Your mom is a cameo. And yes, I spoiler tagged that for you, just to be that guy.


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Your mom


International poster is much better.


Far better



I see I’m not the only one that thinks that…


What’s with the movie posters shoving down so many of the actors into the image. All it is missing is Patrick Stewart in his hover wheelchair.






Yeah, just sounds like some classic retcon to me that is being blown out of proportion. But hey, that’s the internet.


Convenient retcon for no reason, really.


Some good spidey action. Iron man isn’t in it as much as the poster would lead you to believe. Overall…