Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
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Spider selfie by Tom Holland

I’m looking forward to this one.





Looks good.


Yeah. That looks real good. They finally nailed it with the casting. They got a kid, who can be funny, nerdy and Spider-man all at the same time. Toby was nerdy, never funny. Also, not a kid. Andrew was younger, but not nerdy and I don’t remember him being funny either. But I’ve tried to shut those movies out of my memories.


Oh man, that looks suh-WEEEET!



That’s amazing.



Marvel really needs to share some of their universe building talent with DC, I mean it’s so lopsided, it’s just frustrating.


Word on the street is that this new trailer shows off a bit too much, in case y’all were worried about spoilers.


I don’t think it’s as bad as Batman v Superman, but it’s a fair warning.


Thanks for the warning. I will not watch…


Ironic for Michael Keaton to be playing that character, no?


Ha, never really put that together, I was just happy to see him in something again, but yeah, that is pretty ironic.


Because of Batman or Birdman? Or both?

Either way, it looks fun.


Well, Birdman was kind of a parody of Batman, so I would say both.


I was thinking specifically of Birdman. He plays a guy who plays a bird character, and then plays a bird character. Batman just adds another layer to it.

Definitely excited for this.


I’d say it’s more of a meta take on Keaton and his role as Batman rather than a parody.