Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Trailers 17 & 18 !?!?! Jesus, would this thing just come out already!



Let the hate flow



Please, someone—anyone—fix the thumbnail for this.




MUCH better!



73% on RT.


Saw it. Liked it. Will see again.


Here’s my #SoloAStarWarsStory review done exclusively with emoji:





Thought it was so nice I seent it twice. Haters gonna hate but I did not want it to end. I was having too much fun. There was a sequence in there that gave me goose bumps because how F’in cool the shot was.

The escape from Kessel when Han is backing his way into the Falcon and shooting his DL 44 and it follows him into the ship and then he runs and jumps into the seat…jaysus that was awesome.


3rd viewing in the books. Went Sat, Sun, and just now. Each time it was sold out and each time it got a nice long ovation at the end.

Movie is seriously fun.


I’ve seent it once, but plan on going a second time with the wifey. My goose bumps moment was shortly after yours when the Empire Asteroid theme music started playing as they were dodging tentacles and it felt JUST LIKE ESB.


Love all the deep cut easter eggs too. But perhaps the one thing I’m a bit torn on is the return of Maul. I personally loved it and it blew my balls off but I am familiar with the Clone Wars and Rebels world so I know he fits into the timeline and why he’s in the position he’s in. But There are a lot of SW fans who only watch the movies and are claiming “jump the shark”. Perhaps this was a little bit too much fan service? I had to explain it to some folks next to me after a complete stranger turned to me after the movie and was like “WTF was with Maul?”


I loved that part.

But the other parts I loved were: the brief mention of Bossk, how Aurra Sing died, Lando calling Solo “hAn,” Lando’s RotJ costume, Teras Kasi becoming canon (although that PS1 game was trash) and how they explained away the 12 parsecs thing from A New Hope.

Also, let the debate rage: Is Qi’ra Rey’s mom? She’s Han and Leia’s age, she has brown hair, a British accent and has weapons training. She has a connection to the force (Maul—which would explain why the lightsaber had a connection to Obi Wan) and I saw one website use the evidence that Rey knows the Kessel Run was done in 13 parsecs, even though Han rounds it down to 12. So, someone on that ship at that time may have told Rey it was 13.