Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Sorry. Meant Cargo Hold.



Oh, okay. I wasn’t sure if card hold was something specific to the model or something.


Could those actually be sabacc cards Lando is holding? It’d be sweet to finally see that in a movie.


They are. I think that might be from the scene where Han wins the Falcon from him.



What are sabacc cards? Just their version of playing cards?







Wishing I would have kept all my OG Marvel SW comics from when I was a kid. Loved these wild ass stories.


Here’s some good Solo stuff. I have to say, the more I see these TV spots the more I’m getting hyped. This movie looks so much fun.


Footage shown at CinneCon and Germain Lasseter had this to say that has put my mind at ease.

Two questions can definitely be answered: As expected, Donald Glover crushes as Lando. And Alden Ehrenreich is actually pretty suave and likable as Han Solo, too.



Ticket secured.


Ditto but going Saturday morning.


EDIT: Here’s the video if you don’t want to go through the link.


Keeps looking better and better.