Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Solo 2049


2049? Oh, boy…someone want’s to sissy-slap fight.


It got me interested.

It was definitely better than the Avengers trailer. Save 30 seconds and skip that one.




As a friend of mine pointed out, this quote from the trailer seems to fit the bill for the entire production.

“I thought we were in trouble there for a second. We’re fine. It’s fine.”

Having watched this a few times I’m liking the vibe quite a bit. No hokey religions, no big picture stuff, just a fun adventure.

Lightspeed Hype Train engaged.


Wait, Emilia Clarke is in this?



I’ll reserve judgement. All I know is that she’s a blonde person on GoT. Other then that I have no idea.


She also played Sarah Conner in Terminator: Genisys.


Haven’t seen it. Actually forgot it had been a thing until just now.


That’s probably for the best.


I’m most excited about DongLover as Lando and Ehrenreich will probably be the worst thing about this (which is probably obvious considering all the issues he supposedly had).




Context: RLM actually uploaded the original bit four days ago (as part of their Nerd Crew Teaser Trailer Breakdown video) with a black area that read “Insert teaser trailer footage when it’s uploaded”, and then just reuploaded that one (with the trailer footage) today.

I love me some RLM.





Here’s a look at the Falcon fresh off the assembly line complete with the cargo hold being filled in towards the nose.


I thought it would be bigger.


Too easy, I know.