Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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I understand the move. This is all in the name of protecting the brand. Had this been a stand alone film that was dealing with new characters then I could see them having more control. But man, they fuck up or tarnish a legend like Han Solo…they just can’t have that. I think they went in with good intentions but it sounds like things really just were no clicking.

I would have liked to see Kasdan step in and direct but oh well. Howard hasn’t really done anything like this since Willow and I LOVE Madmartigan in that. He was kind of a Han Soloesque character.



Holy shit. Just read an article that Alden Erhinrich was the one who went to Kathleen Kennedy as he was concerned about the direction of the film while it was under Lord and Miller. Said he felt it was to gag heavy and slapsticky and that after taking a hard look at what had been shit that it was more akin to Ace Ventura than Star Wars.

Good lord.


Oo boy. Sounds like they thought they were doing the Jar Jar Binks movie.


This shit keeps getting crazier. Due to a rule with the Directors Guild, Lord and Miller could release a “Directors Cut” of the film if they were at least 90% of the way through production.

I know that they only had “a few weeks” of shooting left plus post production so I’m curious to see what, if anything, comes of this. Disney and Lucasfilm are not obligated to distribute for them if they do release something. But they could find another distributor.

Would they do this and if so how risky of a move would it be for their careers? I would see it just from a curiosity stand point.


I’d love to see their version of the film. As you said though, probably not the best choice career wise.

I assume they’d have to fund their own post production work?


Why May 2018? Seems like the holiday releases were working pretty well.


Historically the franchise has been released in the Memorial Day launch window. Because of the timing of TFA’s start in production they’ve had to go with winter releases. Starting with this they will be back on pace for that Memorial Day launch window. At least that’s the plan.


Ah so. Last Jedi this holiday, Han Solo next Memorial Day, then Memorial Day there on out … forever?


I would assume they would have to finance it. Would love to see them make a documentary about it all and include their shot footage. Kind of like “Lost in La Mancha”


That’s the plan from what I’ve read.


Lord and Miller were not prepared to have Kasdan become a shadow director. With an impasse reached, Kennedy finally pulled the trigger. The next day, when the crew was told that Ron Howard would take over as director, sources say they broke into applause.


I was just reading that article and this is the part I found most interesting:

But an insider argues that Rian Johnson (Looper) shot Star Wars: The Last Jedi, set for release in December, seamlessly, proving that the right director can execute without major interference from Lucasfilm.

You hired—essentially—sitcom directors for a Star Wars movie. What did you expect?!?!?!


Read that earlier. What a mess.

I wonder if Kasdan was so strict because of the comedy approach and was fearful of it getting to far gone. To be fair, Solo is kind of his baby so to speak.


Maybe Disney should have something new with Star Wars rather than make an origin story for a character we don’t need an origin story for…



I’m with you. Don’t get me wrong, I really am geeked for this but would love to see something new. That being said, we need an Obi Wan movie. LOL. Yes. I’m part of the problem.


As much as I love Han Solo, I’d actually prefer an Obi Wan movie over a Han Solo one. He’s already got a lot of canon backstory to work with, and he’s not really a mysterious character that warrants any kind of origin story. He’s a charismatic Jedi that does badass stuff.

I’m still going to go see this Han Solo movie, but I feel like it’s going to make me feel somewhat like Dorthy finding the short, fat man behind the curtain.



Ron Howard is turning out to be a good twitter follow if you like teaser images.

Here’s one from yesterday that had the caption “Spicey?”

Spice Mines of Kessel?

Here’s one with Lando on the camera in the background.

A certain someone’s wardrobe.