Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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So Grease + Star Wars instead of whatever Episode I was.


Would still be better. Even if it was Grease 2 + Star Wars.


Here’s a cool picture of Alden Ehrenreich’s stunt double [spoiler]

in Solo’s “Pod Car” during a race scene.

Love the look of the Pod Cars so far.



Literally a sci-fi '69 Dodge Daytona.




Curious to see how this turns out. Sounds like Kathleen Kennedy has a path in mind for the brand and these guys were not on it.

Let the Tony Gilroy rumors begin


Variety is reporting that they did not quit but were fired because the directing duo did not see eye to eye with Kennedy or Kasdan.

Kasdan wrote Solo into film icon status with ESB and TFA so Im guessing it was his way or the highway and Im fine with that.

They also say that Ron Howard and Kasdan are in the short list of directors that could take over. If you have any doubts about Kasdan just watch Silverado. Great buddy western that he wrote, produced, and directed.


Seeing lots of outlets reporting that the movie was deemed “too funny” and more along the lines of 21 Jump Street than it was Star Wars. Kennedy and Kasdan both feel Solo’s comedy come from his sarcasm, bad timing, and wit rather then the brand of humor the directing duo was used to.


Do you think this will delay the release at all?


No idea. Depends on what they keep. The Rogue One reshoots, which included the addition of that Vader scene, kept the film on time. But like I said, probably depends on how much they use as they were scheduled to wrap soon.




WHAT Vader scene?



THE Vader scene. Was a reshoot and done just months before release.


The film lost its directors five months into shooting, which means that Howard will need to hit the ground sprinting, especially as Lucasfilm has said that it’s planning on holding to its May 25th, 2018 release date.


I’m fine with this. More than fine with it.


Lets hope Ron’s first Star Wars movie is more Rush and less DaVinci Code.


I might not go as far as the barf comment, but I think he has a valid point…


I mean, he’s not wrong.


WTF did they think they were getting when they hired Lord Miller in the first place? What’s the point of hiring directors like them in the first place if you just want to place restrictions on them?