Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves

Set in an era of classic piracy, Sea of Thieves is a first-person open-world game where players form a crew of pirates and sail off to find treasure. As it is a "shared world" game, pirate crews can encounter other crews and engage in epic maritime skirmishes.

Expected Release

March 20, 2018


PC, Xbox One


Rare, Ltd.



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I’m shocked this doesn’t look terrible. I was not feeling it in 2015, but this gameplay trailer sold it for me.





Beta NDA seems to have been lifted.


Le Meh


I don’t know how deep the game’ll be but it looks like tons of fun initially:



I can agree with this 100%. The game really is fun but only in short spurts. One thing I don’t like is that all of the Islands are on the map from the start, It would be great if the were all uncharted until you found one and the quests would give you clues as to how you find them. Maybe something like characteristics and/or landmarks.

The combat against the Skeletons is very laughable. The game is great though when it comes to ship battles with other players on the server. That is where the real danger is. That and sharks and the Kraken.

The sailing mechanics and ship management is a lot of fun and takes a lot of communication.

Overall I’d say it needs to truly be a game about discovering Islands and treasure because the quests are very straight forward and easy. It’s just a matter of time. Some vagueness in the treasure maps would be nice.

I had originally bought the hard copy of this game and never opened it. Lucky for me I joined the Xbox Game Pass so I returned it and will continue to play via the pass.

So far I’d give it a solid 6/10 and would have been a 4/10 had I kept the hard copy and realized I just paid $60 for this.



You mean this thing?

Just like the rest of the game, they didn’t bother to finish it.


[Subzarr] Does the kraken have a full body under the water or is it all tentacles?
[RareLTD] Joe: We want to leave some mystery to the kraken so people get that spoiler free experience at launch!
[RareLTD] Shelley: All we can say is that it’s a monstrous experience…




I mean, it’s pretty obvious who they want to target.

Twitch streamers.


Another thing I just don’t get…folks are already looking up maps online to find all the treasure. What’s the point of playing then? Its not like its hard to find either. I say this game has a 4 week shelf life before people are maxed out.


It seems like there’s no point in playing really so instead of grinding out even those easily found treasures, why not just know exactly where they are to get it over with and level up?


Level up? The ONLY progression in this entire game is cosmetics. And you can’t even customize your character when you start the game. It’s all randomly generated.


@LASSIE There aint no stinking leveling. I enjoy the game just to jack around with friends and sail around and enjoy the scenery. Other than that there is zero point to the game except for the ship to ship battles.

@DarthSmurfX It’s not totally random. There are a few models to choose from and there’s clothes and hairstyles you can equip in the captain’s quarters on your ship.


Played some more last night.

Having a lot of fun with this game as long as I’m not doing any of the actual “quests”. The best way to play is to be…well…a Pirate. By that I mean sailing around trying to blow shit up and take other people’s gold and loot. The one thing that is really annoying is that when you die in a ship battle it respawns you on your ship. So if you’ve been boarded you spawn on a ship inhabited by up to 4 others all waiting to kill you again. Should be able to pick between a ship spawn and an outpost spawn.


I usually hate Angry Joe, but having had to suffer through all the No Man’s Sky griefing on the internet for months after its release, I’m deriving a sick pleasure seeing this game sink. I know, it’s wrong. But its kinda therapeutic too.

However, let me just say two things to you if you are truly enjoying Sea of Thieves.

  1. This is nothing compared to the backlash of NMS.
  2. As long as MS and Rare don’t abandon the game, it’ll get better. It’s really tough for even the harshest critics to say something negative about Hello Games and NMS in 2018. SoT could be the same 2 years from now.

Having said that… MS is known for abandoning sinking ships. I’m still bitter over my precious Game Room being sent out to die with zero remorse. Great. Now I’m sad again. Jungler, Black Widow, Food Fight… so many great memories… Thanks, gang.

R.I.P. Game Room.
2010 - 2010


So, there’s no leveling. Sorry. My bad. Here’s the edited version of my post, with the same point being made:

It seems like there’s no point in playing really so instead of grinding out even those easily found treasures, why not just know exactly where they are to get it over with? The end.