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Rocket League March Madness begins in…April? :hushed:


I will suck at this mode. Aerials are not my strong suit. Or scoring. Or driving.


Playing RL again last week for the first time is weeeeeks was a nice reminder of how much fun this game really is.


Basically, PS+ almost killed Rocket League and not for the reason you’d think.

Rocket League launched in the summer of 2015 and seemed to be everywhere at once. If you owned a PlayStation 4 and enjoyed having a nice time, you were likely one of six million players who downloaded the game within its first month on PlayStation Plus. Or perhaps you purchased a PC copy instead, in which case, you actually kept the whole thing afloat, whether you realised it or not. It turns out running a successful online multiplayer game is an expensive process.

“I didn’t know if we were going to cover server costs,” remembered design director, Corey Davis at a recent GDC talk. “Steam covered everything and they pay very quickly, which was important. I can’t really imagine what we would have done if we’d shipped only on PlayStation 4 and got that many users.”


A couple of things, a update just came out yesterday which was mostly just patching the balls physics, but “Hoops” will come out later this month!
Another thing is I was wondering if you guys wanted to play sometime soon, maybe a tuesday evening like before? I know some of you are pretty good and I think it’d be fun! So let me know what you guys think and then we can start planning!


I might be down to play on a Tuesday. I might not make it this week, though…Might be working late.


Anyone down for April 26th? Its next Tuesday, if you guys would like to play I’d love to rocket it up :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ll probably be down, but I won’t know until the day of.






Here… let me help you out:


Just in time for Match Madness! (Smurf reference)


Oh no, sir. I did not spell it wrong. But I had to double check, cuz I would do something like that.


Hey if I set up a bracket for a tournament best of 3 to move on would you guys like to? It’d be a 2v2


I know one way you could find out:

##Rocket League 2v2 Tournament Signup - Dates: TBD
[signup type=multiple]

  • I will play anytime
  • I will play during the week
  • I will play during the weekend
  • I will only play on specific days of the week


I probably couldn’t be committed to anything right now, so I’ll unfortunately have to pass. But hopefully something gets setup. Maybe some of the SG guys know people who still play regularly and would be interested?


Ok I’ve got a plan. Times will be as flexible as possible. There will be 6 teams of 2. If you know anyone or something just let me know. It will be single elimination. It’s called Rocket League Tidbits Series!


Nice Shot! What a Save! Close One!

“Quick Chats” like those have been an essential part of Rocket League since we first launched and based on our community’s frequent recommendations, we’re increasing that functionality with 27 new Quick Chats in our massive June update.

Starting next month, you’ll be able to head into the “Chat” menu, located in the “Options” section, where you can remap new phrases with relative ease. Pre-select your choice from a much wider range than ever before, including player favorites like, “My bad, In Position, Siiiick!,” and “Need Boost!”

New In-Game Quick Chats:
All yours.
Go for it!
Great Clear!
Holy cow!
In position.
My bad…
My fault.
Need Boost!
Nice Block!
Nice one!
No Way!
What a play!

Post-Game Quick Chats:
Everybody dance!
Nice moves.
One. More. Game.
That was fun!
Well played.
What a Game!