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Added "Community Flags"
Operation Sports
Added "Country Flags"



Players who spawn into a match or replace an existing car have a new visual effect (they no longer explode as if they were Demolished)
The “Snow Day” Mutator preset, “Puck” ball type, and DFH Stadium (Snowy) Arena are now available for Exhibition and Private Matches.

Russian and Turkish language support have been added to the game
Implemented a server-side data backup system to reduce the chances of a player losing their save data due to corruption
(PS4) General optimization for PS4 to run more reliably.
Turned VSync back on by default but disabled Triple Buffering to reduce input lag. The VSync option still exists for users who want to disable it, but you may experience screen tearing with it disabled.

"Ranked" Playlist has been renamed “Competitive” Playlist
Season 1 has ended! Limited Edition Crowns have been distributed to all participants in Season 1 Ranked Play based on your highest division across all Ranked playlist when Season 1 ends.
Competitive Skill Divisions have replaced Rank Points and the Season 1 Ranking System. There are twelve skill divisions. Over time you can be promoted or demoted between divisions based on your performance.
Top 100 Leaderboards are now based on your skill rating, similar to the Preseason.
Placement matches have been implemented. For each ranked queue, you play ten placement games and are then sorted into a skill division based on your performance.
Ranked Reconnect has been added to the game. Players who lose connection during a competitive rocket league match will now be given the option to reconnect to their previous game.

“Rocket Labs” experimental playlist is now available for casual Online play
A new rotating casual playlist called “Rocket Labs” is now available! Labs features prototype layouts that use temporary art assets. This allows us to release and gather feedback on new designs much more rapidly than we could otherwise.
Three Lab Maps are now available in the “Rocket Labs” playlist and Private Matches:
Utopia Retro
Double Goal

New “Uncommon” Item Drops will now be found uncommonly after online matches. This “Uncommon” item quality features all-new Hats and Antennas for you to discover and equip!
Unlike previous seasonal rare drops, these new items don’t have a fixed drop chance after each match. Your chances to find an item after a game will increase for every minute you play until you find something, and then your chance will reset.
Uncommon unlocks are only only awarded after a complete game in online playlists (They are not available for unlock offline modes or in Private matches)
Multiple copies of the same “Uncommon” item can be collected, illustrated with a count number in the Garage UI
There is a maximum of ten hours of playtime per week that can earn items, so don’t bother trying to idle your way to a full inventory!

(BETA) Player Reporting option has been added and can be accessed via the mid-game menu. You can report players who are being offensive and the full chat log of the match will be submitted along with your report for administrative review.
“Wasteland” arena has been added to the arena rotation for Competitive Playlists

Players will now see keyframes for Goals, Saves, and Epic Saves on timeline when viewing a saved replay file.
Players can now disable all text chat except Quick Chat by selecting “Quick Chat Only” option in Text Chat dropdown in the Audio menu
(PC) Graphical Options
The maximum framerate of the game can now be increased beyond 60 FPS using the “Max FPS” option under Video Settings
The size of the user interface can now be modified using the “UI Scale” option under Video Settings


Optimized performance on Wasteland arena to improve experience for players
Fixed Handbrake performance for Backfire, DeLorean Time Machine, Gizmo, Grog, Hotshot, Merc, Takumi, Venom, X-Devil
Ball Indicator will properly appear in Beckwith Park (Stormy)
Orange Team bots will no longer avoid kickoffs in Beckwith Park
Fixed an issue that caused “Winning is Winning” achievement/trophy to fail to unlock when the requirements were met
Fixed a graphical bug that displayed a shadow-like texture throughout multiple arenas
Fixed an issue that locked chat to Team Chat in the post-game menu
Adjusted the audio volume for “Portal” boosts
Fiji flag updated so it’s no longer smaller than other flags
(PS4) Repaired issue that prevented the “PS Nation” Community Flag from appearing in the Garage



game uninstalled


Is mau5ome! See what I did there? But really, it’s great.




Are you upset at the cash grab/cross promotion or that you have to dish out cash now to get the Batmobile?


There’s nothing wrong with cross promotion, and if I was ever offered as much money as I’m sure they were, I would take it in a second, just part of me is sad to see Rocket League go from such an unknown hit to a NASCAR sponsorfest.


I don’t disagree but I’m okay with it. Especially because its occurring way after the release and they’ve been putting out a bunch of free content.


I’m not seeing any Tide, GoDaddy or Viagra cars yet.


Dibs on the Viagra car.


Psyonix has announced – via its latest stream – that Rocket League has
sold 4 million copies. This number excludes PS+ owners, as this game was offered for free to them. And according to Steamspy, the PC version of Rocket League has sold 2.7 million copies so far, proving that the game has sold better on the PC than on Sony’s console.

That’s a ton of games and awesome to hear.


For the record, Rocket League – including the PS+ owners – has sold 10 million copies in general.

6 million PS+ downloads?!?! Dang!

Also, I saw in my PS4 feed that @MrBimble got one of the harder trophies in Rocket League (drive 50 km), so I went into a game and the trophy instantly popped for me as well. I wonder if it was bugged before or if it became bugged after the latest patch. Either way, I got the Platinum yesterday!!!


Nice, in-depth interview with a Rocket League dev.



March Madness is coming.


Dying Light is coming.


Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios has discussed becoming the first game to support cross-network multiplayer between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, saying it has already figured out the technology necessary to bridge the two communities.

Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham said the only thing left to work out was the politics of the arrangement.

“The only thing we have to do now is sort of find out where we stand politically with everyone, and then it’s full steam ahead to finish the solution that we’ve already started,” he said.


This is my best video yet, this is a little under 3 weeks of gameplay :smiley: enjoy!