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Rocket League
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Holy crap is this game like riding a bike. Picked it up tonight and played snow day for about two hours non-stop with a smile/grimmace on my face the entire time.


Dang, @CrazyThang01 - there were some seriously impressive goals/saves in that video.

I’m never posting my highlights again.

In other news, I HIGHLY recommend trying Snow Day. The puck physics are way different and I had a blast last night with that mode. In one game, we won 11-0. Granted, I think the other team quit playing after 7-0, but still… that was a trouncing.


Yo thanks man! Just because I’m good and Veteran doesn’t mean that you can’t post your cool goals and saves too! I was going to check that out. I’ll probably suck at it.


Well, Ariel Goals for days I guess I can say!


“Rocket League” has raked in nearly $50 million in revenue and amassed more than 8 million registered players since its July launch on PCs and Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 console, Psyonix Inc., its developer, said.

It wasn’t clear “Rocket League” would be a success, either. Psyonix spent about two years and a little less than $2 million making the game in between doing contract work for larger companies, the studio’s founder and chief, Dave Hagewood, said.

Universal and Psyonix agreed to share revenue for sales of the DeLorean. “It didn’t really sink in until they told me they had to get Steven Spielberg’s approval,” Mr. Hagewood said. (Mr. Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, which has the rights, said yes.)

They are in talks to bring other famous vehicles to “Rocket League,” possibly including KITT from “Knight Rider,” according to Bill Kispert, an executive vice president at Comcast Corp.



Wowzers to your fancy lines between quotes! No but really, GOOD FOR THEM. I played about half an hour of Galak-Z yesterday, then switching over to another hour and a half of Rocket League. It’s just a great game, hands down.


I’m curious if that $50 milliion includes whatever payout they received from Sony for being a free PS+ game, or if that is strictly sales of the PC version, DLC, and paid for PS4 copies?


According to leaked info from Phil Fish when Fez was on PS+, he got about $3 per download. If PS+ downloads equalled about 4 million, that’s roughly $12 million from PS+ alone.


Just watched @CrazyThang01’s latest video and I don’t even want to publish this now…

Well… going 11-0 is still an accomplishment, I guess, even if I’m not flying around.

And probably a record for “Most Opponents to Quit a Match” as well.


Okay, this isn’t the most impressive video ever. I should have cut out more, especially the end portion, but I was growing tired of editing at this point. I recorded this video, not because we won or I did some cool tricks, but because it was insanely fun. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just skip to about the 4 minute mark to see my sweet assist. It actually looks more impressive in the replay how perfectly timed it was.


Those were some good moves, but I think my favorite part of that whole video was how it looks like your avatar is standing on the grass at the begining.

I also really like that car. That’s is part of the latest paid DLC right?


That car is from the 2nd DLC pack (my favorite pack so far). I have yet to buy the 3rd one.


I need to get back into this game. I probably have some clips saved…I should probably go through those.


I need to quit this game I’m getting to good at it lol. #starwars




Did someone say loot!?



A nice little piece on Psyonix


Damn, Psyonix really making efforts to keep supporting the game and community. Its refreshing.