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Ball cam or car cam? Discuss…

I’ve used the car cam the majority of the time. I feel like I have better control of my car that way, but obviously, I’m less aware of what’s going on with the ball.


Ball Cam. I’ve watched the Pros and that’s how it’s done.


Ahem, I suggest any further strategy discussion take place in private areas. You don’t know who may be reading…


So, I’ve been kicking around this idea since yesterday, but I’m not sure it’s worth putting any real time into.

What do you guys think about a site dedicated to Rocket League replays? Obviously you can view them all on YouTube, Twitch, etc…, but this would be somewhere that would rank them, possibly daily if there are enough submissions, and then categorize them accordingly, something you can’t really do on YouTube right now.

As you probably have expected, I have a working prototype up at I would love to get some input to see if it’s worth spending time on or not.


It’s ball cam, there is nothing to discuss in my opinion.


Ha, never mind my previous post. Looks like I was already beaten to the punch, and holy crap did they deliver a whopper.


I am guilty of everything on this list except which camera I use.


Those are all good tips. I just played about 6-7 2v2 games with a rando, all of which we won, and I can’t believe how well he communicated with the num pad. He was constantly saying weather he was offense or defense with a quick double tap up or up-down. He would even announce when he was about to center the ball. I of course missed just about every great center he made, but holy crap was it fun. Maybe I can get him for Tuesday? MwhaMwhaMwha!


That always happens to me on online games. I end up with someone baller and we win everything… on the other hand I am screwing up so bad.


If you are still not sold on Rocket League…

As for me, I just put $2 in their “Tip Jar” since I got the game for free. Now I have a shiny new theme for my PS4.


Among the issues being addressed in 1.03, according to the Rocket League website and Twitter account:

  • Numerous crashes in the Steam version have been fixed.
  • The news ticket should now work properly, rather than read, “You are offline, please connect to the Internet to get updated news!”
  • AI bots’ difficulty setting will be automatically matched to the average skill level of players in the game.
  • Distance traveled will now be properly tracked in online games; currently the only way to get the trophy for driving 500 km requires you to play an offline AI game.
  • The Virtuoso achievement on Steam will properly unlock.
  • You’ll see invisible cars while playing online less often.
  • Main menu rendering is being improved, making your PS4’s fans less likely to kick in while sitting at it. This may not be completely resolved, but you can find out one trick to fix things [here]

Two new cars also coming:


He’s referring to rage quitters.

In other news, I probably won’t be able to fill in tomorrow. Too busy this week…



Alright, I moved this tomfoolery to an appropriate venue.

Introducing Play Dates


Can’t say the maps are the reason I play Rocket League, but free is free, right? It looks like something from Mario Strikers, anybody play that? Great Wii game!


I’d personally like to see more stadium variation. Ramps, mounds, dips, hills, obstacles, circular fields, spherical fields, etc.

[quote=“Rewfus, post:58, topic:180, full:true”]
Can’t say the maps are the reason I play Rocket League, but free is free, right? It looks like something from Mario Strikers, anybody play that? Great Wii game![/quote]

Uh, duh?


Apparently someone uploaded some Share Play video of me playing Rocket League on Monday.

IGN’s video player is worse than burning garbage, but this video ( ) mentions we are getting Spectator mode next week. That’ll be really handy for when you want to create a party, but some of the participants are mid-game.




For those of you who don’t like to click:


As we mentioned in our launch post earlier this month, the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack includes two brand new Battle-Cars: the over-the-top American muscle car Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer Takumi. Both of these vehicles offer six different Decals for Garage customization (12 total) and are only available for play in the DLC.

Besides the new Battle-Cars, the DLC Pack also includes two all-new Rocket Boosts (“Nitrous” and “Burnout”), two new Wheel sets (the soccer ball-themed “Cristiano” and the very-cool “Spinner” set), five all-new Paint Types (“Brushed Metal,” “Carbon Fiber,” “Metallic Pearl,” “Pearlescent,” and “Wood”), and a handful of new Trophies. This entire collection will be available in early August for $3.99.

In addition to the Supersonic Fury DLC, we will also release a free game update that offers an assortment of new content, including our first new map, Utopia Coliseum, and more than 70 new country flags. The long-awaited “Spectator Mode” will be in there too, allowing viewers to watch live games in real-time from any angle in the arena. Spectator controls are very similar to that of our existing “Replay Viewer’s,” so start practicing now and get ready for the drop!

Further enhancements, like updated Goal explosions and Demolitions, are planned for the free update as well, along with the brand new song, “Firework,” from the critically-acclaimed electronica group, Hollywood Principle.

It is our sincere hope that this mix of paid DLC and free add-on content is what Rocket League fans have been waiting for, and it’s just the beginning of what is plenty more to come. Thanks once again for your continued support and we’ll see you again very, very soon.

Sign. Me. Up.