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Red Dead Redemption 2
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Loving the photo mode.


Some more photos from today’s action.



Pics from the weekend.


Online “beta” launches tomorrow for owners of the UE. On Thursday for all day 1 owners and then open to everyone on Friday.


Played some of the Online. Is the term “beta” code for “bare bones as fuck”? Jaysus. For the most part it’s one giant Match Making lobby with a few added side jaunts. Where’s my Pokers, Black Jack, Horse Shoes, Fishing excursions, Co-op missions, and the like? To say I’m disappointed would be a vast understatement. Especially since RDR1 Free Roam was so robust out of the gate and had an option for a private server to avoid any horseshit while they fixed it. So I guess those are my Cons.

Pros: Character creation, being able to set up a camp as a safe zone for you and your posse, so far it seems like all weapons are unlocked but you just have to have the money to buy them, the competitive modes are quite fun.

Only played for about 2hrs but so far I’m pretty underwhelmed. I’m trying to reserve judgement though because I know that eventually it will get mucho content.


Ok…had some time to really dive into the RDO over the weekend and have a few things to update you all on.

There are co-op missions. They are called Free Roam missions.

Weapons are in fact locked behind a level system and on top of that they are really damn expensive(more on this in a bit)

No sign of private servers, yet.

Still haven’t seen any designated Hunting grounds, Fishing excursions, or Card Tables.

The MP game modes are quite fun but there is a bit of a learning curve. I wish they had designated game modes you could choose from or vote on rather than it being random.

The territories from RD1 and RD2 are open to explore.

So far I haven’t come across any egregious acts of “grieving” other players on the servers. For the most part everyone has kept to themselves. I’ve had a few run-ins but nothing that was more than a one-off thing.

Now for the horseshit. This game is going to be an absolute ass whipping when it comes to micro transactions. This has the potential to be a far bigger cluster fuck than anything Battlefront could’ve put out there. I had a feeling something was off when I looted a body and was rewarded with $.09 cents. Thought it was an error. Nope. Next body I looted I got $.03 cents. Then after one mission I looted a camp and found a gold ring. I went and sold it to the local fence and got a whopping $1.25 for it. What? That’s all fine and good but the cost of an apple to feed my horse, which is needed, is $1. So I opened the catalouge I was given and noticed that basic cost of living items like food and other medicines are priced incredibly high considering the low cost of money rewarded for missions and looting. So this game is going to be an absolute grind, not in a fun way, or you’ll be forced to buy “Gold Bars” which will probably be the equivalent to buy a Shark Card in GTA Online.

After seeing this crap on Saturday it looks as if this is already causing quite a stink with the RDR community. Hopefully this will go the way Battlefront went which is why this is probably a “beta”.


In other words, they’re going to roll prices back from “ludicrously insane” to “pretty insane” and claim they listened to players.


If they could get it to insane that would be great.

Played last night with a Posse of friends and boy was it awesome. All except for the 2 times I got eaten by a mountain lion. One thing I really like is that you can now choose what areas of the map you want to Free Roam in.

Oh, and you can punch your horse. But be careful as it will most likely jump kick you for doing so.


Captured this last night during our online session.



Jango - The Red Dead Storm Chaser.


I need to get the One Drive app so I can share some video. I went on an absolute rampage with my knife during a gun fight in Thieves Landing. My 3 other Posse members were distracting them while I snuck around. Eventually I was made and killed but it was a bloody glorious few minutes.


Here’s a bit of my knife rampage.


Rockstar needs to start rolling out some new stuff in RDR Online. This shit is whack right now. All the missions are the same. Deliver mail, hold up a Stagecoach, rescue somebody and make a “morality” choice. Blah. I want some legendary animals to hunt, banks, trains, or stores to rob, houses to burglarize, cards to play, bounties to track, horse shoes to toss etc etc etc. Would also love it if my hard work in game was worth more than the possible $.30 I will earn.

Getting impatient.