Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2
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I’m having more fun hunting and running around aimlessly than I am playing through the story.


I was like that early on in the first game too. Story didn’t really pick up until 1/3 of the way through. So far I’m like the early “tutorial” stages on this one much more than the first though. I almost gave up on the first one after spending countless hours tending to chickens and herding cattle.

All that being said I’m really enjoying this so far. Just wish you didn’t have to hold down “A” during cinematic mode in order to keep pace. Oh, and the aiming and cover aren’t nearly as bad as first reported. I actually think it’s vastly improved over the first one.


Finally got the point in the game where I can go out and explore. A hunting I will go, A hunting I will go. Hiho the dairy-o a hunting I will go.

And not just for animals. Humans who look at me the wrong way better be careful.


Is there a Social Club App or Companion App for the game? The only Social Club app I can find it the iFruit app from GTA




I also read somewhere the companion app is pretty helpful. Maybe I’ll just download the app to get my fix until I can finally find time to play the damn game.


What did I do last night?

Tracked down a few outstanding debts owed to the gang

Got into a bar fight

Took a bath and paid extra for a bath maid to bathe me and give me a little tug

Killed a few wolves

Hunted Elk, Moose, and Deer with my bow

Rode to Blackwater and barely escaped

Got a $45 bounty on my head for shooting some guy bathing in a stream

Annnnnnd spent an hour playing Dominoes


I’m going for Val Kilmer’s look from Tombstone.


Love it.


Haven’t cultivated a look yet but leaning towards Butch Cassidy or Sundance


Just your typical Tuesday in TX, huh?


All except the wolf killing.



The fuck? Was this a Halloween only thing? A nod to Undead Nightmare? Either way, that was awesome.


Nah, just swamp people being swamp people.

There’s a reason I pulled my shotgun out before going over to her, still startled the shit out of me though!


I have tamed the White Arabian and named her Felicity.


What in the hell is up with the NPC’s being so afraid of me? All I did was tackle a Sheriff from behind, mount him, and then slit his throat in broad daylight. Guess that’s enough to get a posse after me.


Spent about 2 hours last night just riding around and unlocking the map. I’ve only done 1 proper story mission since setting up camp and have spent the rest of the time just riding, hunting, helping folks, and getting into all kinds of mischief.

I saw some guy on the side of a road changing a show on a horse so I stopped to help him and I must’ve startled the horse because the damn thing kicked the guy in the head and split it wide open. Just sat there and watched his head bleed out.



Uh-oh. Somebody found the Black Jack table last night. Goodbye 2hrs.