Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2
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I think this is actually happening. RS posted this image and has changed social media icons to red.

I’m so very erect right now.


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I’m so very erect right now.[/quote]

You and the rest of the internet. If it turns out to be another Red Dead game, prepare for a teaser and then two years of waiting before release, as is Rockstar tradition.


I’m curious, but can’t say I’m too excited. I still don’t get why the original is so highly revered. Yes, let the trolling begin, but before you do, please know, this has nothing to do with it’s AAA status. I just found it to be another open world game, but with a horse. Yippee. Ok, I’m done…for now.


Don’t care how long I have to wait.


How far into the story did you get? It is, for me anyways, the second best story I’ve played behind The Last Of Us.


If we’re talking about the original Red Dead Redemption and not Red Dead Revolver, the setting and story had a lot to do with it.

Here’s a nice take on why it’s considered to be Rockstar’s masterpiece over GTA.


I finished it, but I will admit, I played about half way through Mexico, quit from boredom, and only went back to it about a year or two ago to finally finish it. I appreciate what they did with the ending, very original, just wasn’t blown away like most players were. Maybe it was a different time and place for me when I first played it. I also heard, mostly from you, that playing with a group of people through the various DLC, I think zombies in particular, was a hoot. I can’t say I ever tried any co-op in the game either.


Funny you mention getting bored during the Mexico act, as the GamesRadar article actually brings that up.

All this talk and hype makes me want to dust of my 360 and finally get RDR to 100% completion…


Or you know, just go buy an XB1S and play through it there, all modern like.




I originally bought the game just for the Free Roam and all the wildass that came with it as I typically am not a fan of GTA stories. I was blown away by it though. The only part that bogged me down was the first part of the game on the Ranch with Bonnie.

Anyways, the co-op and Free Roam and DLC was great. Im 100% in on this.


I almost bought a X1S just for Red Dead. Almost.



You could always play this while you wait:!/en-gb/games/red-dead-revolver/cid=EP1004-CUSA03542_00-SLES524780000001


I could also go watch The Prequel Trilogy. No thanks.



I’m on my phone, can somebody embed that video for me, please?


I don’t think anybody has figured out how to embed twitter gifs yet, have we?


It’s official. Fall 2017. Trailer on Thursday.



Time to dust off the saddle, clean the revolver, and light some dynamite.