Ready Player One

Ready Player One
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Any of you read the book?


I started but moved on from it (but not because of the book). I hear good and bad, like its a fun read but it just drops 80’s reference left and right.



This is accurate. I just finished the book and really enjoyed it. There’s a couple scenes in the movie that should be pretty bad ass.


Yeah, I ended up reading it after my post and mostly enjoyed it. The listing of 80’s references as narrative gets annoying, but I don’t feel it’s out of character for what the book and the protagonist is about. But I fully understand and generally agree with the criticisms of said references and the book in general. It doesn’t do anything new and the way the love interest is handled is a little problematic but there are some neat elements to the universe and, I agree, some of the parts of the book translated to screen should be pretty epic.





This is going to flop so hard. Who is this for? I can’t see how it’d attract anyone other than fans of the book and curious nerds/geeks. Much like the book, it’s just mashed together references but in CG diarrhea form and without any real angle or name (unlike Pacific Rim and Transformers). And I enjoyed the book.



So, basically it’s the audio book version of the novel.


I liked it. They made quite a few changes form the book. Most were for the better and helped improve the pacing. There were a couple very convenient moments that made me say ‘Come on man’, but overall it was a fun movie.


Too bad they kind of messed up the marketing. They should’ve released the “Come With Me” trailer first, so people who don’t know what the film/novel is about get a primer of the story rather than “LOOK AT ALL THIS CGI SHIT ON THE SCREEN LOOK AT IT”


I liked it too. I want to watch it again, with commentary, and slo-mo sections with heavy cameo traffic because I felt like I missed a LOT the first time watching. Maybe VH1 could bring Pop-up Video back for this movie.