Randumb Vidyas

Randumb Vidyas
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Scooter double take got me…

Then he got me more-erer.


That honestly might be one of the best things I’ve seen recently.


That’s some excellent core strength. +2 if he could do a cock pushup at the end.









This is random because its from a FIFA match I played last night and put an absolute ass kicking on this dude.


Soccer. lol


Dude…I’m addicted thanks to this game.


I went to my first MLS game Wednesday night for a work function of my wife’s. We had a great time, but I’m sure not having to pay for the tickets and getting $45 dollars in concessions vouchers contributed to the good time we had. We do plan to go back though. So yeah, soccer.


Even though it’s mostly populated by soccer hipsters and has sad, wannabe hooligans MLS gets some strong support. The fans get into it and, honestly, it looks like it’d be fun to go games.


Yeah, I would say that was probably 90% of our enjoyment, watching Minnesota fans pretend to be ultras, and doing a pretty good job at it. There was also a very eccentric dad/grandpa in front of us that was cussing out the refs all game, which added to the enjoyment.





#1: By the second goal, you can tell Jango is just fucking with the guy.

#2: I’ve been to a New York Redbulls game with Unchained Zero, and that was such a fun, fun, fun, fun time.