Pump Up The Jamz: Show & Tell Edition

Pump Up The Jamz: Show & Tell Edition
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Aaaaand another two.


I like that Electric Sunrise. I’ll have to check out more of their stuff.


Been getting back into the latest The Go! Team album:


I think this version is better than the album’s but an amazing, and melancholy song, nonetheless:



Also my roommate, who just got back from Japan last month, has gotten me hooked on Japanese synthpop / urban pop.




Edit: A video that works




The new Slowdive album is really fucking good. @ChristopheLeFou


The second to last Matt Pond PA album is solid, as well. But @ChristopheLeFou is pretty much the only person with similar music tastes anyways…


Fuuuuck I can’t get enough of it. Souvlaki is a top ten album for me, so I was nervous about the new material, but it lives up to my expectations and then some. I’ve been spinning the vinyl pretty much daily.

As an aside, I saw them perform earlier in the month and it was easily one of my favorite concert going experiences. Blew my mind.


The new Waxahatchee album dropped a few weeks back. A different sound than her/their last albums but I’m really digging it.


Been listening to Leon Bridges who is a Dallas area dude. Sounds like Obis Redding.

Also Margo Price who is a lot like Loretta Lynn. Good old classic country sound.

Lots of Band of Horses too.


Country’s not really my thing but I do dig Margo Price,


The new The National album, Sleep Well Best, is really good so far based upon what has been released for download on Amazon.

The new The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The Echo of Pleasure) is also good.


Solid debut album (Stranger in the Alps) by Phoebe Bridgers:


I thought I already posted it but the new The War on Drugs album, A Deeper Understanding, is so fucking good. Anchored by "Strangest Thing:"