Pump Up The Jamz: Show & Tell Edition

Pump Up The Jamz: Show & Tell Edition
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One of my favorite songs is ‘Abacus’. Feels racist against myself but I still like it.


One of their best tunes, in my opinion. My favorite genre of music is shoegaze, a genre which Joy Formidable is sometimes lumped into, but they at least scratch that itch for me with the “wall of sound” blasts in their songs. Good stuff.


My favorite band of all time is Slowdive.

Have you heard the band Butterfly Explosion?


I feel like I’m sitting in the background of a non-chain coffee shop right now…


I have not, but the fact that you name dropped Slowdive as your all time favorite band secures the fact that I’ll check them out immediately. Souvlaki is a top tier masterwork rarely eclipsed.


Butterfly Explosion is much more melodic and straight forward than Slowdive, but they’re a good bridge between Shoegaze and Dream Pop.


Oh, and how could I forget Monster Movie, the band started by one of Slowdive guitarists. One of my all time faves, as well:



Already listening to Butterfly Explosion. Already dig it. You have fine music taste.

I’ve come across Monster Movie before. I definitely remember them being more of the dream pop end of the shoegaze spectrum. I’ll give them some more attention.

Here’s a shoegaze playlist that I haven’t updated in a while, but it’s got a bunch of classic stuff on there.


Sort of biased, but my friends’ band just released a new album today and this is an awesome animated video for one of the tracks. Local MN tunes.


I don’t really use Spoitfy but will definitely checkout your playlist. Thanks!



Brand new Radiohead track/video. New album imminent.



So, this song randomly popped up on my media player. HELLOOOOO NURSE


Nostalgia boner, activate!


Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup ~~~~~~


Oooohhhhh Bethany…want to touch…


And because you all know me so well…


Two more.