PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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I look forward to E3 every year—now what do I do?

I guess I’ll be in stasis if you need me. Someone wake me up next December in time for PSX.


I guess this goes here.

PS Classic already getting a price cut. Will now sell for $59.99.


We should have a dumpster fire topic. That’s where :arrow_up: That post belongs.


About TIME!


Your 2018 stats are up!

Here are my highlights:



Wow, this is eye opening…


0 hours online? Am I really that much of a shut in? 8 hours of VR? Yeah, that was easily worth the $400 launch price…


I guess I like Destiny 2 ? Fortnite and GW were the kids so I really didn’t play much of anything else. How can I have 187 hours in Destiny, but only 70 online hours?

18 games and a whopping 14 trophies!



My stats seem… uh… insanely high compared to everyone else’s. Is that cuz I have no kids or is something messed up? Like, putting my system to sleep while a game is running… does that affect the stats?

EDIT: Yeah, something is wrong with my list. I just saw Greg Miller’s and my totals were higher than his, so something is off.


According to your stats it looks like you game like 6 hours a day, which seems insanely high, but who am I to judge…?


Yeah. That doesn’t happen.