PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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I can finally hide all the betas and demos I’ve downloaded!!!


I have a 20% off code for PSN that I can’t use on preorders, so if anyone wants it, let me know. First come, first served.


I’ll take it, unless someone really has their eyes on something that they have been waiting to go on sale. I’ll probably use it for Colossus, or Yakuza 0 if that’s not elegible. How is Colossus btw?


Somehow I joined the cool club finally because they sent me a 20% code too.


Message sent.

I only started up SotC to view the trophies, so all I’ve seen so far is the opening cinematic. But it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to actually play the game.


Message received and code used. SotC is downloading now. I guess it does pay to keep a completely under utilized, non-distinguishable gaming forum running!


I finally beat SotC last night. What a game! The controls are bad, but I like that they are bad. It gives you a real sense of struggle. The part I did not like was how bad the camera was—that wasn’t necessary. I just want to aim the beam of light towards the Colossus while riding the horse… why is that SO DIFFICULT!!! But by the 10th or so Colossi, I had the camera controls down. Mostly.

I solved all of them myself with no guides (I really, REALLY try to never use guides for puzzle games), although 2 were spoiled beforehand that were unavoidable (one on Twitter with an animated GIF related to a fire weakness and the flying one in Sony’s press conference). I love that each one—for the most part—were truly unique. I’d LOVE to see a sequel to this game in the style of Hitman. You buy the base game, and new Colossi seasons are unlocked throughout the year. Forever.

Anyhoo… I still prefer The Last Guardian, as that game gave me the feels at the end, but this game was overall more fun. I’d actually play this one again, but I don’t think I’ll ever touch TLG again, just because I know it won’t have the same level of impact with a second play-through while this game begs you to play multiple times.

Oh, and it’s pretty. Like really pretty. I love the map and the openness and the sense of loneliness. So good!

Now bring on ICO.


Sony says they will continue to support & focus on PSN and PS4 games until 2021; players can expect more new IPs and “franchising successful IPs and refreshing existing IPs”.

So… PS5 in 2019? Or 2020? I think I’ll wager 2019—Reveal in Spring, release in Fall.

EDIT: More:

  • John Kodera said that "PlayStation 4 was entering “the final phase” of its lifecycle, with unit sales set to decline from here on".

  • Kodera also said that “Sony would be investing in more exclusive games for PlayStation platforms, including both new IP and refreshing existing IPs”

  • He described the period leading up to March 2021 as a “time for SIE to “crouch down” while preparing for more growth after that point”

  • Kodera finally noted that “Sony’s perspective on the games business has shifted, from emphasis on selling millions of units to an emphasis on engaging millions of MAUs”

So yeah, the PS5 will be arriving before 2021. Sony doesn’t just instantly abandon their consoles after the launch of their next one -cough- like MS -cough-.


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Sony’s response to Game Pass, I guess.