PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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Not me


I’m totally on-board with this:


PS4 Slim leaked this weekend.





New membership prices are as follows:

  • $59.99 for one year (up from $49.99)
  • $24.99 for three months (up from $17.99)
  • $9.99 for one month (no change in price)


Didn’t it already go up $10 a couple of years ago or so?


In Europe or something, it did.

Basically, it’s now the same price as Xbox Live Gold? So… maybe we’ll get more games each month… or at least slightly better? That’d be sweet.


Ha, now that’s a pipe dream if I’ve ever heard one!


I wish I lived in your world, Smurf. I’m pretty sure they are raising prices simply because they know they can, and don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s an incredible deal for the free games each month, but because of that, I am highly doubting they will increase their offerings until they have a competitive reason to.


I’m hopeful. Do I think it’ll happen… not really. Although, the crew of Kinda Funny thinks they may start adding VR games to the PS+ stuff, so maybe that will happen (in addition to what we already get).


Ok, now that I can actually see and would whole heartily welcome, considering how byte size many of those experiences seem to be. I think they would be a perfect fit for free PS+ games. They entice anyone that has PS.VR to get PS+, although, how big can that demographic be? If you are committing $400 to unproven Sony accessory, I have to believe you are mostly like already a PS+ subscriber.


This just makes me wish there was a discounted rate available for those that don’t care about the free PS+ games.


Back in my day, we paid MS $60 a year and all we got was online play and the ability to use Netflix and Hulu. And when Live went down, you were LUCKY if they gave you Undertow to compensate your time. You kids and your entitlement, always wanting stuff for free and participation trophies and indie games for $10 or less and broken games to get patches and VR to not make you sick.

Sorry. I agree that raising the price is crappy. It’s like cable… nothing gets added, but they feel the need to raise the price every year. But… I did want to rip on Xbox Live Gold cuz they started this whole paying for online thing.


If you have an email that you can use to be a first time Groupon customer, you can do this:

For select customers who haven’t bought at Groupon in forever, try SAVE30 which may take a giant 30% off.

I just added steps to try to save you some time.


And Destructoid is gone.

UPDATE: It’s loading again.


My PS+ just happens to expire on the 25th, so now I have to decide to I just pay the $50 for this year, and then apply this card for another year of it? I might not have the choice depending on when the card gets here.


Don’t scare me like that. I literally had to do a quick Google search to make sure you weren’t referring to them shutting down or something. Not that I live on Destructoid, but would hate to see someone else close their doors.


You know what would be swell? They add PSNow to every PS+ subscription to combat Xbox’s BC stuff. Or PS1 games BC… or Undertow. Or Doritos Destruction Dash. Maybe Sneak King 2.

I’m really exhausted today.


Sold out.


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