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PS4 News!
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Anybody know anything about this one?


A historical action game loosely based on the story of English samurai William Adams, as he helps slay the yokai that infest Sengoku-era Japan while hunting down a malicious alchemist.

First Released

February 7, 2017


PC, PlayStation 4


Team Ninja



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Anybody know anything about this one?[/quote]

It’s an upcoming samurai combat game.



Already bought. Anyone who hasn’t played this game should try it out. If you’re a fan of Metroidvania style games, this is one of the best. I didn’t hesitate to buy this one as much to throw in my support for the developer as to play it again.



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It is a burn, but at the same time, I NEVER remember which one is which. I know, if I just buy digital I don’t have to worry about it, but I just re-upped my BB Gamer’s Club, so that aint happening anytime soon.


Haha, I just ignore those buttons and use the controller to turn it on, eject discs, and put it back into rest mode.


Today, we are releasing update 1.08 for Sharefactory, which includes some very cool features.

One of the biggest changes to Sharefactory is the introduction of Track 2, which gives you the ability to add a second gameplay video from your Capture Gallery to your projects. This means your gameplay videos can use various picture-in-picture layouts for side-by-side gameplay video playback, with the ability to add effects. This replaces the previous Commentary Track gives you more editing options to bring your creative videos to life, so we hope you’ll have fun with it!

We have also added Chroma-key support to video Commentary, so you can use green screen or white screen in your project, as well as a cut-out mode. Using Chroma-key effects, you can personalize your videos to look like a livestream with animated backgrounds, Sharefactory theme art, as well as your own screenshots from your Capture Gallery.

For those who like to create playthrough videos, great news – we’re also increasing the video export time limit to 60 minutes. You can also export your Sharefactory videos in the background while you are on the PS4 home screen. Plus, based on the community feedback, we’ve enhanced the Move Clip function so you can arrange of your video clips much easier.

Other features in this update include:

  • Text layers can now rotate
  • 2 new music tracks
  • 15 new filter effects
  • Video Commentary clips are now saved to the Capture Gallery for easier access as well as reuse in multiple projects
  • Trim Lock feature making it easier to trim clips while not altering the overall length of your project

We’re eager to see your creativity using the new features of Track 2, plus the rest of the additions with this update. Our continued growth and support from the community keeps us working hard to enhance your video editing experience on the PS4. Keep the comments coming, and have fun with 1.08!


Sounds like some cool stuff. Time to make some new Battlefront videos amirite!


Sony is not planning to unveil its upgraded console next week at E3, and no pricing will be announced just yet. House says the upgraded console will be priced higher than the current $350 for the existing PlayStation 4 model.


We are pleased to announce that Kill Strain will be available on PS4 beginning July 12 for PlayStation Plus members and, July 19 for all PS4 owners. Kill Strain is one of the service-based games from San Diego Studio, along with Guns Up! (available now) and Drawn To Death (available later this year), which will be free to download upon live release.

Now for the big surprise! We are excited to announce that over the course of the Limited Access, all users who Level up to 20 on or before Monday, July 4 at 11:59 PM Pacific will be automatically rewarded at the close of the beta with an exclusive in-game item — The Vanguard Vincent! This is a limited time offer, so be sure to sign up now. Stay tuned as we’ll have more details and information next week on the Limited Access and Vanguard Vincent.

Kill Strain is a PvP experience that pits three teams against one another under uniquely dynamic circumstances. Composed of two teams of four humans, and one team of one or two mutants; mutants have the ability to turn the human combatants — resulting in the team sizes shifting as the match progresses. Matches end when one of three end conditions are met: 1) All Humans Turned, 2) Base Destroyed (Human or Mutant), 3) Strain Takes Over (Time Runs Out).



Are we finally getting a proper Little Street Racers replacement?!


That looks fun. A modern RC Pro-Am.


I liked him on stage for Sony. He’ll be missed.


As long as he remains on the interview couch with JV and Lang, I am fine with that. Although , it is always nice to have development experience in executive roles for the hardware that plays them.


Any idea what games he worked on previously?


##Midway Games

While at Midway, Adam worked as an executive producer on the MLB Slugfest: Loaded and the NHL Hitz: Pro titles. Adam would eventually go on to work on Blitz: The League which proved to be a successful title for the company with over 1.5 million units sold.

At Midway, Adam met longtime friends Kraig Kujawa and John Vignocchi who he still parties with to this day.


Adam started off in the industry as a tester for Electronic Arts. Besides contributing to the testing efforts for a number of exciting projects, he also participated in the many infamous EA-testing social rituals, such as drinking two gallons of milk in 20 minutes, eating an entire jar of mayo in under an hour and other ridiculous events. Many of the people that Adam worked with at Electronic Arts would go on to production positions in the industry.

##Beefy Media

Adam founded Beefy Media in 2010 to help developers find their way in an industry increasingly controlled by a small group of powerful producers. Beefy Media helped bring the game Pid to fruition.