PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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You sure about that?


…than what’s currently the PlayStation Store.


PS4K information (~2x GPU power w/ clock+, new CPU, price, tent. Q1 2017)

Related info from a meeting we had yesterday was waiting for it to be approved before posting.

Price is currently $399.99 they were discussing a better CPU which would raise the price to $499.99 we were guaranteed the price will be no higher than $499.99 (He mentioned the CPU upgrade quite a bit almost as if they haven’t really decided on a final spec could be a pricing issue.) also there is currently no plan for any type of trade in program for current PS4 users but that could change.

They stated that the GPU is twice as powerful as standard PS4 and much faster. They did not say exactly how fast but that is was running at a higher clock speed while being much smaller than the original.

It will have a 4k blu ray player and will upscale games that are not natively 4k.

Also there was talk of some sort of VR lounge for the media player app which is supposed to be getting a substantial upgrade.

It was stated plainly and with no room for interpretation that there
are developers that already have development kits for the PS4K and that they are making games that will directly target and take advantage of the higher specs of the PS4K. It was also stated that these games will in fact work for the PS4 but with considerable sacrifices made to performance.

It was also made very clear that current games would not be getting any type of performance upgrades by being played on the system and any benefits to older games would come via patch per game and per developer. When asked if this was going to happen the response was “Its a
possibility but doubtful with the exception of a handful of games.”

We were also given a list of games that will be available at launch
that will directly take advantage of the PS4K where the differences are
and I will quote him “Significant.”

For the PSVR
Eve Valkyrie
GT Sport

For the PS4K
Deep Down (Thought this was dead)
GOW4 (This was the exact abbreviation on the sheet I can only assume its god of war 4)

There were more games on the list but these are the ones that stood out to me.

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head I’ll see if I can get any more information.

Edited to add:
I got a bit more information today but I am trying to find out who all knows about it before posting.

Also the word “Sacrifices” is being blown out of proportion. There are
sacrifices made when making a console version of a game as compared to a PC game or when making an XB1 game as compared to a PS4 game. Don’t expect PS4 games to all of a sudden become shit just expect them to run better on PS4K. I would expect a game that is really pushing the graphics envelope to run at 1080p 60fps on PS4K while the same game might run at 900p 60/30fps on PS4. Just the way I took it.


Thanks for this useful and timely information.

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I quoted Lassie just to piss Smurf off…

If they come to market with the 4K without any kind of easy upgrade path, they will be eaten alive. I’m all for iterative consoles, but when you sell a $400 console there is the expectation it will be the flagship hardware for the next 5-7 years. That’s about the only advantage consoles have over PCs right now, and if you take that away without cheaper upgrade alternatives than PC, anarchy reigns.


Yeah. I was reading some of that yesterday and from what I gathered… it’s a lot of speculation. But… if there is ANY validity to what he’s saying, I LOVE that direction, and am SOOOOOO glad I jumped ship to Sony this gen. The only thing I want is for my consoles to be like PCs or smartphones where they are upgraded in a year or two and software improves, but only if you upgrade to the “S” model.

I like buying a $400 console every 2 years, guaranteed that everything will run on it the best it possibly can.


In case you didn’t get the joke, I’m going to quote myself from the Xbox thread.

So, I guess it didn’t matter which ship I tethered my canoe to, both are going the smartphone route. And…

Granted, the games will still work regardless of which XB1 or PS4 you own (despite my earlier fears), but they just won’t look as pretty. Or something. I don’t have a 4K TV, so I have no interest in upgrading, especially if there is no upgrade program in place.


I’ve been wondering if retailers will provide some sort of plan. I could definitely see Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, even Target having a deal for a certain amount off a 4K if you trade in your PS4. Sony would be smart if they at least subsidized it a bit on the back end.


April Fools…?


A more down to earth breakdown:

You’ll soon be able to stream your PlayStation 4 games to your PC or Mac. The feature is part of the 3.50 update arriving tomorrow.

In order to make use of the feature, which works similarly to PS Vita remote play, you’ll need Windows 8.1 or 10 on PC or OS X 10.10 or 10.11 on Mac. There are some drawbacks, however.

Resolution will cap at 720p if your bandwidth can handle it. It will default to 540p and can step down to 360p. Frame rates can go up to 60 if your connection can support it, but it will default to 30.

Additionally, you can only use one controller connected via USB. That means you can’t play couch co-op games away from your console.

Tomorrow’s update also brings the ability to appear offline, the oft-requested notifications when friends sign on, and other improved social features. The console update also comes with a new mobile app that incorporates user-scheduled events, Dailymotion viewing via Live from PlayStation, and more.


This update has many welcomed features.


I’ve been in the beta for a few weeks now, and my favorite feature is the Appear Offline one. Great for Netflix/Hulu binges you don’t want interrupted.


Or other viewing binges…



In case people need the Remote Play app:

Also, I did not know this, but you can remote play over the internet, not just your local network. So, I could, in theory, install this on my work computer and play some Catlateral Damage during some down times. In theory, of course.


Now, how to get IT to install this on my work PC…hmmm…


I AM the Mac IT here, so…





Mac is where it’s at!

…unless you want to play games.


I can now play PS4 games on my Mac. So… take that.

Meanwhile, back at MS headquarters…


Ehh, the sad part is, what Conan is wearing is probably just as useful, if not more useful than the Apple Watch.