PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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Bitch, I’m not pretty. I’m fabulous.


Your quote did inspire me to alter the design of the header, so I do owe you that.




This is just because I don’t care about Uncharted, isn’t it.


You can’t tell me No Man’s Sky doesn’t pique your interest in the slightest. Put aside the exclusivity, as I know it’s on PC as well, but even if it turns out to be a space collection simulator, you have to at least be intrigued, no?

EDIT: I guess I found my answer in the topic itself.


Missed it at the very bottom of that list.

If it even comes out this year…


I’m sort of annoyed with some articles coming out about how No Man’s Sky will be a massive disappointment because “this list of obvious reasons.” There are real concerns with the game, such as repetitiveness and lack of story and things to do…but that’s why I have a brain. Some maybe argue that fact but it’s enough of a brain for me to keep those concerns in mind and temper my expectations.

If it turns out to be a glorified tech demo, I’m sure I’ll be a but disappointed. But I also appreciate that a game like this, and how it came about, is somewhat important for what may come down the line across the industry.

so there.


To be fair, Sony started hyping the fuck out of it over a year ago and continued the hype train for several months with nary a mention of a release window or even all that much “new” footage.


The no new footage gives me some hope that there will be more to the game that they’re not revealing. Since the game doesn’t really need anymore hype.

But we did also get The Order: 1886, so…


Best. Twitter Account. Ever.
And the real Kaz has a great sense of humor apparently.


By November 2015, Sony had sold- not shipped, sold- 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles. The latest announcement revealed a massive holiday push.

As of January 3, 2015 the PlayStation 4 sits at just under 36 million units sold, thanks to a holiday season that saw 5.7 million units land under the family tree. Sony announced the milestone via this PlayStation Blog post, which has been translated. President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House wrote about his excitement of a growing community, and looked forward to titles being released in 2016.

After passing the Atari November 22, 2015, at 30 million lifetime units sold, the PS4 has leapfrogged the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 in a month and a half. Up next is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which has a roughly 14 million unit cushion between the two.

In addition to consoles, Sony reported that over 35 million games were sold worldwide for the holiday season, both physically and digitally, and they saw a 60% increase in PlayStation Plus subscribers from 2014 to 2015.


Plants vs Zombies 2 MP Beta


Did anyone else check out the PvZ 2 beta? My kids played more of it than I did, but what I did play didn’t wow me at all.


I was going to check it out but totally forgot about it. I think I even had it DL from the PS store but never got to it.


I have no idea what this means.


Sony has announced the creation of a new limited liability corporation that brings together the operations responsible for gaming hardware, software, content, and network services. Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC will be officially incorporated on Friday, April 1, 2016.

Andrew House (pictured above), who is currently CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, will lead the new business. Shawn Layden, who is currently head of Sony Computer Entertainment America will handle Worldwide Studios.

This leaves us to ask where this leaves current president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida. We’ve inquired about his role in the new corporate structure and will update should we receive a response.


I’m guessing he becomes their boss? Or they turn him into CEO of Vision or something?