PS4 News!

PS4 News!
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I could see multiplats doing it though, like Titanfall 2.


Not too surprising. Microsoft is in the business of selling cloud computing. Why should they care who they sell it to?


Most of you have probably already seen this, but just in case you haven’t:

PlayStation Network has been down since about noon ET today. It appears to be a comprehensive outage, affecting all services.

PlayStation’s official status page lists every service as experiencing issues. When one tries to login to PSN on a PlayStation 3, it shows a message saying the network is down for maintenance. None was announced as scheduled for today.

PlayStation’s official Twitter support account acknowledged the outage and said it was investigating.


NeoGAF is the best.



Sony did my job for me:

First-Party Exclusives
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4
The Last Guardian
Gran Turismo Sport
Gravity Rush 2
Ratchet and Clank *
The Tomorrow Children **
Drawn to Death**

Console or Timed Exclusives
Street Fighter 5
What Remains of Edith Finch
Shadow of the Beast
Nier Automata
The Witness
No Man’s Sky

  • Developed by third-party studio Insomniac. IP owned by Sony.
    ** Co-developed by Sony Worldwide Studios and third-party partners.
    *** Beta only


One could probably argue you are doing Sony’s job for them promoting their exclusives, but that is a strong line up.


I see nothing on that list I plan on buying.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and Nier Automata are really the only ones that have slightly piqued my interest.



Well that’s a bit excessive.

Will it make you feel better if I tell you that I have the same feelings about the XB1 lineup?


Sorry, feeling a little spunky today.


Well now I’m not going to buy anything.

You hear that Sony? It’s Rewfus’ fault.



Wrong meme bruh!


I dance to the beat of my own drummer.



Bitch, I’m not pretty. I’m fabulous.


Your quote did inspire me to alter the design of the header, so I do owe you that.




This is just because I don’t care about Uncharted, isn’t it.