PS+: Instant Game Collection

PS+: Instant Game Collection
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Nope, but I’m actually kind of excited I get to play it.


What is Tropico?


It’s a construction and management game mixed with a good chunk of political simulation and a heavy emphasis on city building.


So it plays like Madden?


Also, Lou Bega.


Anybody ever end up playing Dead Star? I keep hearing about it, not necessarily good or bad, but it seems to be sticking around, and they are doing interesting things like this:

The universe’s favorite Lombax and his tin friend are joining Dead Star tomorrow. Dead Star is Armature Studio’s 10v10 twin-stick shooter that is available for free to PlayStation Plus members for the month of April. While the duo is available at no cost to all Dead Star players, they can only be obtained at certain times.

The Ratchet portrait is obtainable between April 29 (starting at 10 a.m. Central) and May 2. The Ratchet portrait also brings unique in-game events that will only occur this weekend. Clank’s portrait unlocks the following weekend between May 6 (at 10 a.m. Central) and May 9. Adding Clank to your collection also adds new weekend-exclusive events to the game.


Nope, but I might now.



I was just about to post this. Gone Home looks cool.


Been wanting to play Gone Home. Awesome!


NBA 2k16! I almost bought this a few days ago.


Ahh, I would normally be super excited for Gone Home too, but I just got a brand new iMac, so I can finally play the one on Steam that I bought like two years ago. Oh well, I guess I can’t complain about multi-platform Gone Home.


I want to like this game, but it won’t let me.

That bad, heh? I booted it up, but don’t think I got past the menu screen.

…and apparently we have to figure out why images don’t appear for your social links.


Not that bad, it has good things, it’s just not how I want to play a Sim game. I hate that the campaign makes you start over every chapter. I built this town… let me continue working on it.


I was really hoping you were going for a Jefferson Starship angle there. Next time.


I had “city” typed and erased it… sorry.


Full lineup:

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, PS3
Fat Princess, PS3
Furi, PS4
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, PS Vita
Prince of Persia: Revelation, PS Vita
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, PS4


Goddammit…I think I just bought Gat Out Of Hell during this week’s sale.


That’s kind of shitty to make a game that’s current on sale for like $5 as one of the upcoming free games.


Yes, I hate to use industry buzz words, but Sony is losing a lot of “hearts and minds” as of late with offerings that pale in comparison to Microsoft. I would much rather have Saints Row IV than Gat Out of Hell, which is supposed to be pretty hellish.