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Iā€™m not sure what it is, but with all of the other jaw dropping trailers coming out of TGA, this just seems so meh to me. Anybody else?


It reminds me a lot of BioShock, just set in a space station rather than an underwater city. Or maybe even a mix of BioShock and Dishonored.





Prey PS4 Demo

Prey XB1 Demo


Really, why did this demo have to be so good, and why do I get upset when good games come out?

It has a very Bioshock feel from what I have played so far. Anybody else check it out yet?


Iā€™m not touching it until the final game comes out.

Good to hear you enjoyed it though.






At least nothing more than what some of the initial weapons or mimics look like.


Anybody ever end up playing this? I wanted to say you did, right Jeff? Worth $20?