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Yeah, I run a Python script. It took me a while to figure out how to set it up (you need the APK and some Python stuff), but I’m very glad I did it. Now I just run a batch file whenever I want to know the IVs of all the new Pokemon I’ve caught and it renames everything. Here, look:

The first number is the overall score out of 100 (perfect). Then it shows attack/defense/stamina. Pretty handy.



I guess it’s about that time again to whip it out and show what we got:


Just to be clear…you mean Pokemons,


If that’s what kids are calling it these days, sure.


In case anyone wants a PoGo+, my buddy ordered two of them for some odd reason and is looking to sell his second one. $42.89 with shipping.


I’ll claim it if it’s still available. A friend of mine is trying to find one and doesn’t want to pay $100 on eBay for it. I can pay your buddy ASAP.


What the hell is a PoGo+?


Unnecessary, is what the hell it is, but I can still see the appeal for hardcore fans not wanting to drain their batteries.





Unfortunately it’s going to take much more than that to get me to open this up again. I can’t say I’ve opened the app at least a month, according to my last post, which I don’t think I was even using it then. I’m not sure if anything short of twice as many new pokemon would get me interested again.


I don’t think anybody is still playing, but just in case…


So, Pokemon Go has been in the news a lot lately (legendaries added, Pokemon Go Fanfest Debacle 2017, etc…), so I decided to give it another chance last week.

I fired it up and saw tons of new Pokemon surrounding me. I caught as many as I could before my balls ran out and then shut it down. The next day, I took a walk to the nearest Pokestop, collected more balls, leveled up (which gave me more balls) and went out to capture all the new creatures. 3 minutes later, I’m out of balls again, RAGE QUIT and was reminded why I can’t stand that stupid game. I’m not going to walk to the nearest church just to play this game. Sorry. What a dumb mechanic.


I’m guessing nobody is playing anymore? One of my wife’s friends came to town the other day and she was a big player and kind of got my wife interested again, so who knows, maybe we’ll give this friendship level thing a try.