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My town had a Pokemon Go last night. I was having dinner outside.

Looked like a scene from a zombie movie. I was feeling mildly claustrophobic there for a second.


I get it now! Get everyone outside and in packs, unleash the virus.

Watch out, folks! If you want to find me, I’ll be the guy catching Pokemon in the hazmat suit while you all turn into zombies.






Definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of that”


Yeah, if you’re a scrub that can’t throw curveballs.


Ha, I thought I mastered the curveball, but every time I throw a ball that clearly starts to the far left and swoops in to the right to land perfectly in the center of the circle, I never get the curveball bonus, but yet, every fricken time I use a razz berry and throw what I swear is a perfectly straight shot, it curves off the screen before I even raise my thumb. WTF?


Yeah, berries fuck up the throwing arc and I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s intentional. Curveballs will override the berry curves though.


I guess what I’m trying to figure out is if curveballs are measured by the spin of the ball, or simply the movement of the ball? I feel like most of mine are kind of like knuckle curves, when I don’t get credit for it, but sometimes I will have more of a straight trajectory, but more of an “after spin” when I let go, and i see the ball spin much more, even though it’s not curving nearly as much.

Wow, never thought I would have such an in depth discussion about the curve of a virtual pokeballl before.


In addition, he said that the team has plans to improve training, a fix for the three-step bug, and ways to stop the constant poaching of gyms. He also said the team wants to make PokeStops more interesting, possibly even creating PokeCenters where players can heal Pokemon instead of using potions. And then there is trading.

“Trading is not in Pokemon GO today, but it’s something we’re working on bringing to the product. Don’t get too excited - we need to make sure we can keep the servers up first!”

I can’t really say healing Pokemon is much of a draw for me, considering I always have to dump healing potions constantly, but I like the idea of making Pokestops more interesting, however they end up doing it.


I know @ChristopheLeFou is still way in to this, but is anybody else? The wife and I just happened to get a hotel near one of the hot spots in MN (Rice Park) over the weekend, and realized the craziness that is still surrounding this game.

It’s hard to capture how crazy it was on my phone, but there were still hoards of people at all hours of the day flocking to various locations around the city to try to capture numerous pokemon. One of the crazier ones lead probably about 50-60 of us from Rice Park, through the Xcel Center (where the Wild play for you out of towners), to the other side where apparently a Grimer (I was disappointed by that, expecting a Dragonite) was right on the other side of the wall, so everyone had to literally place their phone on the outer wall of Xcel to catch the pokemon. It was wild (no pun intended)!

I apologize for the poor quality of the video. I thought I was on my way to catch a Dragonite!


I don’t think I caught one Pokémon and just gave up.


Another PSA, with iOS 10 comes the new update to GO where you can buddy up with a Pokemon to earn candies for it as you walk. Pretty great for those rare Pokemon you could never level up because you didn’t have candies for them. Now I can finally level up my perfect Aerodactyle and Electrobuzz.


Why is that dependent on the iOS update and not a Pokemon GO update?


I’m guessing just for QA reasons for the most part. There are a crap load of apps that have iOS specific updates. When I updated to iOS 10, I had about 25 apps that also had updates.


Huh. I feel so manipulated.


Just to be clear, it is a separate update and doesn’t get updated when you update to iOS 10, I just don’t believe the update is available until you update to iOS 10, I could be wrong though. That’s how it seemed to me.


It is available before you update to iOS 10. I updated PGo yesterday on my phone, but have yet to upgrade the OS. I’ve done it on my tablet and it seems to work great, so I’ll probably be doing my phone later after I do a full backup.


Do you have an IV Calculator you like to use?


I’m not as sophisticated (or daring) as @ChristopheLeFou, so I just use Poke Genie to analyze my Pokemon IV. Chris actually runs a script that alters the names of all of his Pokemon to include the IV. When I get a new Pokemon, I just simply analyze it, if my trainer says it’s at the top, I will take a screenshot and run it through the app to tell me the IV. It’s all very eccentric, but I’m loving it.