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So, after being disillusioned with this game for over a week, I finally found where this game really shines—Outdoor concert venues. We went to Concerts on the Square where the Madison Symphony Orchestra plays in front of the capitol building and everyone brings wine/beer, snacks, whatever and last night they were playing movie themes like Star Wars, ET and Superman. We sat between 2 Pokestops and they were constantly being lured. I caught a ridiculous amount of Pokemon, including 2 brand new ones and fully leveled up once. Not bad for going there with zero Pokeballs. The capitol itself was a gym, but we weren’t close enough for me to access it, but I can only imagine all of the battles going on during the show.


Yep, my wife and I were at an outdoor concert where the same thing happened. I even used a lure or two to keep the fire stoked. It feels good to contribute to the cause.


Also, having a bomber of Dragon’s Milk helped too.


What the fuck, do people actually have picnic spreads like the movies?


As much crap as I have given gyms before, I am coming to find they are about the only source of entertainment for me in the later levels. It doesn’t feel too bad to be claiming three right now.

Hopefully you catch up soon, Cod. There is definitely a huge uphill grind when you reach levels 20+.


Working on it. I was up to level 13 or 14 before, and I wasn’t even employing the Pidgey-cache trick. Using all the little tricks I’ve learned so far, I should be in the thick of gym battles pretty quick, even if I do stay a bit behind the curve of the top people in the area.




But I wanted to be the very best :frowning:


I’m in no hurry. I’ll take my sweet time to collect them all. Mostly, due to lack of Pokeballs.



Fuck that fat rat fuck.



I’ve seen a Dratini and a Lapras in the wild, both ran away after I had them in my balls.


For some reason you need to format imgr gifv’s differently, so for example


would be




Sweet. Thanks. I’m sure I’ll ask you this again in a week or two.


Tee hee. Say… Is there a raccoon-based Pokemon?


Kinda sorta.



I’d say that counts.




Oh, Chris. At least you are trying.