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Yeah buddy!


I’m starting to finally hit a lull with this game. I hardly ever see any new pokemon. The draw to take over gyms to earn a dime at a time isn’t really doing it for me. The only fun I am having is taking the dogs on a walk with my wife and helping her catch pokemon and take over gyms. Anybody else feeling the Pokemon blues?


In about 2 weeks… you’ll be joined by millions.


Yeah, I only really care about the collecting aspect of the game. Screw gyms.

Doesn’t help that the tracker is currently broken either. I’ve put it aside for the time being until the fix it.


Yup, can’t wait for the distance tracker to get fixed. I keep swiping as fast as I can anytime something pops up, but I’m not catching anything…



First started playing using my google account, but I’ve been wanting to use my Pokemon Trainer Club account to tie it to all the stuff I already have there. When I try to log in to the PTC through GO or on the pokemon.com web site it says I’m entering incorrect information. I’ve reset my password a few times and requested my username in case I was getting it wrong somehow. No clue what’s going on. I can sign in to my son’s PTC account just fine, and that’s linked to mine. I have an email in to pokemon.com support about it.


Now I see why it is so hard to make a site like this, you will easily reach your daily API quota unless you have special permissions from Google. Well, that sucks.


You guys are still playing this? I kid, I kid.

Pro Tip: Riding in a pontoon boat counts towards your egg hatching distance.


As long as you don’t somehow manage to get above 12mph, you’re good.


So while I was walking around the park the other night some cute girl walked by me and asked if I had come across the bulbasaur on the tracker, to which I replied with “Nah, the tracker is currently broken. Everything just stays at 3 steps.” She let out an exaggerated “Buuummer!” and I ended up channeling my inner Lloyd without thinking twice…

My friends that I was walking around with gave me so much shit, and I deserve all of it.


Woohoo! Was finally able to log in under my Trainer Club account. I was even able to get the same screen name I had under my Google account, so I wonder if they erased my previous account so the PTC account would work? Don’t know, not gonna try the other account and risk screwing something up. Let the hunting (re)commence!


…On Friday when my data plan resets.


I have actually found this game uses very little data. I use it non-stop for my half an hour train ride to and from work, and I’m not even getting close to the data consumption I had when I was religiously on Twitter.

The only real article I could find on this so far was from some weird Canadian site, but the only thing they lie about is their self worth, right?

Data analytics firm P3 tracked more than 200 smartphone owners in the U.S. and Germany between July 6 and July 15, 2016, and found that the average Pokemon Go session lasts around 175 seconds or three minutes, consuming about 300 kilobytes of data.

That means you could play more than 3,000 sessions in a month with a one-gigabyte data plan (provided you did nothing else on your phone, of course).


My phone says it’s used a titch over 100 MB. I downloaded it at launch, and have had a few walking/driving sessions with it running, but nowhere near hours every day like I’ve heard some people doing. Gonna reset the info on my phone on Saturday when my data plan resets, too, and see how it looks.


I have great news for you, Jeff!




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