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Well, the slogan for Pokemon has always been “Gotta Friggin’ Try to Just Catch One” so I think you’re on the right track.


Jeff was on top of this a couple days ago, but I do appreciate any pro tips, even if they have already been mentioned.


Oh, look at that, I made a typo. Eggs = candies.


Oh geez. I bet anything I read Jeff’s initial post and completely forgot where I had picked up the tip. Pro tip: ignore almost anything I say ever.



I’m level 16 and am definitely seeing this. I have started just walking away from some battles with common high level Pokemon because I simply don’t want to waste the balls. Do you find yourself doing the same?


Movin’ on up! (movin’ on up!)





Yeah, sorted by Combat Power, I don’t get…



I’m jealous of that Flareon. I have a Jolteon, but it’s only in the 300’s. This is what my deck/stack/team? looks like.





I’m surprised nobody has built a more fleshed out site for this yet. I would imagine it get some crazy traffic.


I don’t even know why I try.


Ehh, as Jeff said earlier, CP only really matters for Gym battles, and while it’s fun to see your little pokemon put on a pedestal from miles away, there isn’t much benefit outside of that. It’s very hard to keep them at a gym for long, unless you can find a super remote one, and even then you only get 10 coins every 20 hours. Yeah!

It’s all about catching them all, man, don’t you know that?


/r/TheSilphRoad is working on a web tracker. No idea when it’s due, but I’m in the beta for the “Report Sighting” part of it.





All of the breweries around me are using this as a way to lure people in this week.

This is crazy.


I was thinking about doing this as well, specifically waiting for my 10 km eggs to be ready to hatch before popping the lucky egg, but aren’t the eggs scaled to your level? So wouldn’t it probably be more beneficial to hatch the eggs after your a higher level?