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Water type can be found near bodies of water, grass type can be found near wooded areas and dark type are typically found at night.

Goddamn this is going to take me so much effort.


I’m seriously contemplating driving around the neighborhood near my work after my shift ends simply because it’s by a lake and I can see moving grass on the map there.


Look mom, I made a meme!


I didn’t realize there was a camera button until I took this screenshot of my dog clearly ignoring this menacing fellow on our walk.


My fiance’ and I upgraded to new phones/plans because of Pokemon Go and I’m not even a little bit ashamed about it.


FYI hoard all of your pidgey, caterpie and weedles. They only need 12 eggs to evolve and you get 3 per catch. Basically hold on to a bunch, pop a lucky egg, evolve them all, bathe in XP.


I wish I knew what language you were speaking.

Can you explain “pop a lucky egg” to me?


It’s an item. You can either find them from stops or purchase them. When you use it, you get double XP for 30 minutes.


Besides my wallet, where do you get coins from? Gyms?


Yup. Winning battles will award you with coins. You have to go to the store and click the shield icon to receive them.


I found 4 Ratatas at a Panera yesterday. Is that a bad sign?


Crap, I’ve been transferring all of mine to clean up my bag a bit. I guess that will still come in handy since I have a crap load of candy from transferring them that I can use for evolving. I finally just go to the point where my bag is filling up, mostly because I haven’t been using Razz Berries, but now I have a good reason to use some Lucky Eggs at least. Thanks for the tip.

Just curious, what level is everyone right now?


I’m almost level 9 atm, currently hoarding jobbers so I can pop an egg. Probably gonna wait to do that until my three 2km eggs are ready to hatch as well.


#Player Level Is King

Why is player level soo important?

  • The general rule is, the higher your player level, the better Pokemon that spawn and the better items you get from Pokestops. So the quicker you can level, the sooner you get access to the better “stuff”.

How does player level effect Pokestop loot?

  • As you hit certain levels, new items have a chance to spawn at the Pokestops. For instance, before level 5, you wont get any healing or revive potions. As you hit level 10, you start getting the 50hp healing potion, level 12 unlocks the Great Pokeball, level 20 unlocks the Ultra Pokeball etc…

How does player level effect Pokemon spawns?

  • As your player level increases, you will notice the average CP of the Wild Pokemon that spawn will keep increasing. So where you start battling under 50 cp Pokemon, as you level up, the same species of Pokemon will start spawning with 200CP etc… So the higher your level, the more likely you are to get a higher CP pokemon.

Does your player level effect the Max CP of your Pokemon?

  • Yes - Everytime you level, your Pokemon are able to be Powered Up more and hence have a higher max CP. So if a level 10 player and a level 20 player Max Powered Up the IDENTICAL pokemon, the level 20 player’s Pokemon would have a higher CP value (But he would’ve also had to spend more Stardust and Candy to reach the Max Level then the Level 10 player.
  • Below is an image that is of the same Pokemon from my inventory, the only thing that changed is my player level. The first screenshot was taken at level 10 and the second at level 16. You can see that i have more room to Power Up the Pokemon now that player level increased.

Eevee Example - Difference between level 10 and 16

  • So the higher your player level, the higher your max CP is for each Pokemon.


What happens when you reach max CP for a Pokemon?

  • The “Power Up” button will be greyed out and if you press it, you will get the message “Trainer level is too low to power up”. So after you raise your player level, you will be able to Power Up any previously maxed Pokemon.

What happens if i evolve a Max CP Pokemon, can i power it up some more?

  • No - The cost to Power Up a specific Pokemon is the same regardless of which evolution form it is in. When you evolve the Pokemon, it keeps the same CP% as the pre-evolved Pokemon. So it makes no difference if you Power Up to max and then evolve, or evolve then power up to max - you end up at the same point.

Will all Pokemon of the same species have the same max CP?

  • No - There is a relationship between the size of the Pokemon and that max CP and HP that you finally end up with. From my initial testing, it seems the smaller (XS) Pokemon will have a higher max CP but a lower max HP. Where as the larger (XL) Pokemon will have a lower max CP but a higher max HP. I’m still working on specifics for this one but this theory holds for most of my examples.

Ok, So player level is important, what are the ways you can earn XP?

  • Here is a list of actions that earn XP:
  • Catching any Pokemon : 100xp
  • Catching a new Pokemon : 500xp (ontop of the 100xp you get normally)
  • Hatching a new Pokemon : 500xp
  • Evolving a Pokemon : 500xp
  • Evolving a new Pokemon : 500xp (ontop of the normal 500xp)
  • Catching a Pokemon with a Curveball : 10xp
  • Catching a Pokemon with a Nice Throw: 10XP
  • Catching a Pokemon with a Great Throw : 50XP
  • Catching a Pokemon with an Excellent Throw : 100XP
  • Spinning a Pokestop : 50xp
  • Winning a Gym Battle against 1 Pokemon : 150xp
  • Winning a Gym Battle against 2 Pokemon : 250xp
  • Winning a Gym Battle against 3 Pokemon : 350xp
  • Winning a Gym Battle against 4 Pokemon : ???
  • Training at a Friendly Gym : Varies but its not much

Are there any items that help with XP?

  • Yes - Lucky Eggs double your XP gains - so if you have some spare lucky eggs and you are about to go hardcore XP mode, use the lucky egg to get +100%XP for 30 mins.

So how do you recommend you level up?

  • I believe the best way to level up is to find an area with a bunch of pokestops and simply do a loop around those pokestops and capture any pokemon that spawns. You ideally want a loop that takes you 5 minutes to complete as that will mean the first Pokestop you spun will be ready to be spun again. I would avoid going out of my way to complete a Gym battle as i dont feel the xp gain is worth the time and items required to consistently do them. Better to just loop around the pokestops and catch all pokemon. Combine with a lucky egg if you have them spare.
  • If you have lots of candy for a particular pokemon that only needs 12 for that first evolution (Pidgey), you can pop a Lucky Egg and then evolve all those Pidgeys for a quick double XP boost.




So, I would be lying if I were to say all of these stories aren’t scaring me:

But now the question is, does it scare me enough to actual get me to stop playing? Argh, I know it’s bad, but I can’t stop!


I just ran out of Poke-balls and have no way to gain XP to level up and get more, so I guess I’m done with this game? :thinking:


Are you not stopping by PokeStops?


I got like 3 from one this morning. I can’t sustain my terrible aim with that few of drops.