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Pokemon Go
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Pokémon Go

Become the closest thing to an actual Pokémon Trainer in this augmented-reality mobile game based on the original Pokémon RPGs.

First Released

July 6, 2016


iPhone, iPad, Android


Niantic Labs



Find out more at Giant Bomb

Just downloaded it this morning. Got me a couple of dem Pokaymon. I was very surprised by how many random points they had highlighted throughout my neighborhood. For example, there is an electrical box down my road that happens to have a house and a bunch of pets painted on it. For some reason that was already marked as a “Pokespot” with a high quality picture of said electrical box. Very odd, but cool.

And as I finished typing this, I thought I would check out the app, and a Spearow was sitting on my keyboard. We live in a weird world.

Mobile Games

Check your toilet.

I DL’d this last night but I’m not on an unlimited data plan, so I’m afraid of what it’ll do to my wallet.


@ChristopheLeFou Put the phone down and pay attention to the road! I know it was you…


Getting a server down message here since my lunch break. Went to a local park where there was a Pokespot and then tried hunting for a Pokemon but nothing popped up when I went near the little leaf icon on the map. Wondering if the servers were having trouble then already, even though I wasn’t getting an error message until I drove across town to the library. Figured there’d be a spot there for sure, but couldn’t reconnect.


Yeah, I have been having problems throughout the day too. It keeps requiring me to re-authenicate with Google, and I’m just too lazy for that so I stopped trying for awhile. I haven’t been having many problems finding pokemon when I’m in though. There always seems to be at least one or two wherever I am. Wasn’t sure if those leaf icons were supposed to represent where some might be or if they are just to add some life to the environment?


Get out of here Venonat, I’m working!

Where’s the Throw Rock option…


Wait. This is a Pokemon game that uses your location to find them?!?!?!?!?!



Well, Jeff is officially playing. Does that mean this game has earned it’s stripes and deserves it’s own topic now?


Yes, it’s from the makers of Ingress


An augmented reality MMO game for Android and iOS, developed by NianticLabs for Google. It uses Google Maps data to attach game elements to real-world locations.

First Released

December 15, 2013


iPhone, Android


Niantic Labs



Find out more at Giant Bomb



There are a lot of unexplained mechanics in this game that are helpful for us serious trainers. This page might be the best at explaining them:


Specifically the fact that you want the green ring to be as small as possible before flicking. I’ve always tried to make it as large as possible. Doh!

This is also pretty great


When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokemon shows up and you have to low-key catch it…


I started it up last night for the first time, just trying to figure it out. I saw like a tall red signal and clicked on it and found out its a gym battle or whatever. Too low level to actually do it but when I clicked for details, the gym battle was at the Korean Methodist Church down the street. I chortled.



Ugh, why must I have to walk somewhere to catch Pokemans…


I found that the train is a GREAT way to catch Pokemon. Makes for some scary encounters though.


lol public transport



That’s not a pokemon.


You sure about that?


Yeah, I don’t see any leafy shoots in his mouth. That’s just a panda bruh. You’re trying to catch the wrong thing.


I wouldn’t call trying to catch that panda tang the wrong thing.