Playstation Weekly Sales

Playstation Weekly Sales
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One time use. And can someone please change my title to remove “NeoGAF” from it? Thanks,



Is the PS Store being weird for anyone else? I know they updated some stuff but there’s no special weekly deals and I can no longer put games from my wish list into my cart nor download them directly from there.


Yeah, these deals/games suck. I sure hope this isn’t everything. Xbox puts this to shame.


They usually have a Flash sale the week of Black Friday. Hopefully that has something good in it.


Black Friday sales are live. Hope no one bought Wolfenstein II at full price last month…


PRICE ERROR: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition (PS4 Digital) is $5.99 on Amazon
US PSN has it for $17.49

*I’ve bought it and confirmed it is the full game.

Also, snagged Injustice 2 and am currently eyeing Guardians of the Galaxy TTS for $10. Anyone play that one yet? Is it worth $10?


Thanks for the Before the Storm tip. Bought it as well, although I’m not nearly as excited to play it as I was the first, but we’ll see.


Too much to post.


Anybody think Gang Bests holds the same charm it once did?

Also, worth buying Wipeout for $20 (50% off) now that I know free VR update is coming?


Another code arrived in my email on Friday. Check your emails. I’m going to look at what’s on sale tomorrow and if nothing tickles my fancy, I may stick my code in this post for someone to use.

Also, can I get my “Poe Dameron’s Traveling Circus” tagline back, please?

EDIT: Thanks!


There’s 2 sales going on right now: Holiday Week 2 and the Flash sale. I picked up Batman: Telltale Season 2 with my 20% off code for $10.


There is this sale:

Plus, there is a code on the main page for another 10% off. Yours may differ from mine (the one I saw posted on Twitter was different than the one I saw).

I just picked up Last Day of June and What Remains of Edith Finch.


HUGE PSVR sale! It looks like almost every VR game is here.


TWO 20% off coupons this week:

One found in an email from Wednesday:

One found here:


I got one in my email too. I’ve also got some PS money sitting in my account. What am I buying?


A Way Out


I got mine. Now… what to use it on?