Playstation Weekly Sales

Playstation Weekly Sales
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Yeah, just stumbled across it, looks like it’s this.!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-FLASHSALEWEBLP?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store

I didn’t really see any doorbusters though. Oh well, maybe i’ll just pick up Battlefront and Just Cause from the other sale to screw around with.



I picked up Shadows of Mordor and Battlefront (plus a few other smaller titles) during the Sony Black Friday sale. I played through all of the Battlefront single player Training missions yesterday morning and three starred them all. It was a blast. Then I started messing around with the other modes and I think I got all I care to out of the game. I wish it was more focused on interesting missions like in Training mode. Still, 8 bucks was not terrible for what I played and for the upcoming VR mode.


Not as good as last week’s stuff.


Bound and The Batman Telltale Season Pass look awfully tempting.


They really want me to buy Dishonored.


Firewatch is a maybe. Anyone play Song of the Deep?


Oh man. I have been waiting for Firewatch to go on sale. Just bought it.

I was tempted to buy in for Armikrog, as well, but then I looked up the reviews. Shame. Love the claymation look and didn’t realize it was otherwise so lazily made.


Also, if you received an email from Playstation around December 9th with the subject line: YOURNAME, see what’s new this week there’s a 20% off code near the bottom that stacks with this sale. It expires on the 19th, so use it or lose it. I just got Firewatch for like $8.


Son of fuck!


I’ll take your code, I don’t see that email.


I’m sure I deleted it, I usually do.

Looooove that gif, though.


Battlefront is on sale for $10 this week if you want that VR mission:!/en-us/games/star-wars-battlefront/cid=UP0006-CUSA00640_00-BATTLEFRONT00000

Also, Mirror’s Edge for $12 sounds like a good deal.!/en-us/holiday-sale-week-3/cid=STORE-MSF77008-HOLISALE16LP


Those games are worth thousands, so yes…very good deals. :slight_smile:


I know I got Song of the Deep, Until Dawn, The Talos Principle, and Three Fourths Home during the holiday sales. That’s all I can remember right now anyway. Anyone else get anything good?

Already played through Three Fourths Home because I knew it was a short one. Neat premise, enjoyed the story, but nothing stellar, especially on console. Might be a while before I get to the others, hopefully before the next console generation. I know I payed for a bunch of games I never ended up getting to on the 360. :confused:


[quote=“CodSteaks, post:196, topic:100, full:true”]
Anyone else get anything good?[/quote]

I picked up the Turok remaster, but that’s not on PS4. Might be the only thing I’ve purchased since BF1 I think…


3 pages of PS4 games under $5. Is Knack worth it?


For $5? Yeah, probably.




Essentials… and no Last of Us, huh? I am getting the Batman Telltale Series for $15 though.