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Looks cool.

I can’t figure out what’s going on here.







I’m still watching this, but so far there’s a few cool trailers here. The one for Dr. Who Edge of Time looks real cool. Also, I’ll post this here, since a lot of the games are PSVR compatible.

Dr. Who Edge of Time
Budget Cuts
Disciples of Dawn
Garden of the Sea
Pistol Whip



I didn’t know I needed this in my life. Catan + VR… uh… yes!


They really need a VR game pass or something. I will never pay $40 for a VR game for the amount I play, but I would love to dabble in all of them.


PS+ needs to add 1 of these each month or at the very least every other month.


This is the part I found the most interesting in the article:

One interesting feature of I’m Hungry is that the game calculates the actual calories burned while playing the game, which can be extra motivating.

Also, this:

In addition, the controller and the sensing technique can truly correct the player’s posture while simulating the fast-food restaurant work. Since the player’s in-game operation is exactly the same as the moving speed in the real world, the player won’t feel uncomfortable while playing I’m Hungry.







I’m not sure how you’d view this via PSVR, but if you want to start having night terrors, now’s your chance: