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I got AstroBot on sale like 2 weeks ago and FINALLY got to play some of it yesterday. DANG! I thought I had grown out of platformers, but this game is something special. It’s the first time in a long time where I’ve set the game down and can’t wait to play it again and keep thinking about all the cool things I did. I played through the first 2 worlds and the one near the end of world 2 with the rails… that is some of the coolest gameplay I’ve had in a long time.

I also got the Batman game on sale. I haven’t played it yet.


We’re also very excited to reveal that we have officially sold-through more than 4.2 million PS VR systems worldwide as of March 3, 2019.


“We’re not making a rail-shooter. We’re not making an amusement park game. We’re not making a short demo or an experimental Iron Man ‘experience,’” game developer Ryan Payton told me last week in New York City after I had finished a demo of his studio’s forthcoming game, Iron Man VR.

Iron Man VR may be a grander thing. If Payton’s ambitions pay off, it could be a marquee game for PlayStation’s VR platform. It has been in development for two-and-a-half years at Camouflaj, the Bellevue, Washington studio founded by Payton, who previously worked on Halo and Metal Gear Solid . The game was born, Payton said, in a meeting at a hotel near E3 in 2016 after the announcement of Spider-Man for PS4. The head of Marvel’s gaming division was looking for VR games, Payton learned, and so he pitched them Iron Man.

In New York this week, I played a slice of what Camouflaj is building. The PS4 exclusive is VR-only and requires both the headset and two PlayStation Move motion controllers. Once a player puts them on, they’re Iron Man, viewing the world in first-person as if they’re Tony Stark. When I looked down in VR at the start of the demo, I saw Iron Man’s arc reactor. Those Move controllers in my hands worked as Iron Man’s repulsors. If I pointed my palms at the ground and pressed a button, I flew up. If I tilted for my hands to point behind me, I flew forward.

At the start of the demo I was flying off the coast of Malibu, getting in some flight training and some target practice. Point your palm toward a target, press a button and you shoot a blast from your Iron-Man-gloved hand. Hold a button to lock, then swing your arm and you’ll fly toward a target and punch it. The shooting and punching immediately felt good. The flying was tricky. It took me some time to figure out I should fly with one hand at my side and shoot with my other arm extended. The game sports 360 degrees of motion, meaning you can turn around as you fly, though I found myself tripping over the PSVR’s headset wire and enjoying this part of the demo the least.

Okay. I’m excited for this now. Listening to people bitc complain online, I was worried this was going to be a glorified demo, on-rails shooter.


So much VR news lately and not one Jango “lol”. Does that mean VR has made it? It’s mainstream now?




That’s not a “lol”—I think we made it!




The developer revealed as much in a recent tweet. The team explained that, over the course of showing off the game at events in the past year, they’d noticed some players didn’t want to take part in the combat. In Falcon Age, you raise a loyal feathered companion and, eventually, take it into battle against a race of industrialized robots. However, since making these observations, Outer Loop has added in a version of the campaign where you don’t have to fight anyone.

Named Imprint Mode, this version of the game offers the full story, but enemies will never notice your presence in the world. If you still want to smash them to pieces then go ahead, but you won’t be under threat at all. And, yes, it will still be possible to get the game’s platinum trophy in this mode.



Some cool technical insights on how the head tracking, glove-movement and feathers are done.




Experimentation and Discovery

With Paper Beast, we wanted to create a complete ecosystem with unique wildlife. We wanted to reproduce the excitement you might feel as an explorer discovering a virgin land, a place where no human has been before. When you watch animals in nature, you feel something special about how they move and react. They exhibit an intense sense of vitality that makes exploring all the more enriching. You will interact with the creatures and will start to form delicate bonds with them.


A Chair in a Room: Greenwater Creeps to PS VR April 23

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is a horror mystery set in a bleak imagining of America’s Deep South. As Patient No. 6079 you must relive your memories to piece together the past and why you have awoken in the sinister Greenwater Institute.

The area of Greenwater is a mix of derelict towns, run-down motels and murky, decaying swamps, making the game an eerie and atmospheric thriller. But to make it as immersive as possible, we knew early on that we would need to design a world outside of anything you see in the game.

Investigation of the clues is carried out by manipulating items using either the DualShock 4 wireless controller or PS Move motion controllers. This kind of ‘hands on’ gameplay means that getting up close is important. With that in mind, we’ve paid extra attention to the finer details. Looking closer, the clean white room reveals marks of the previous occupants, and scratched into the paint of the door are messages from another time.


Ghost Giant Reviews:

Push Square - 9/10

Ghost Giant belongs in the conversation for the very best PSVR game. Its utterly phenomenal series of scenes will live long in the memory, complemented by a narrative that demands immediate investment. Louis is a wonderful companion, too – a relatable character who you’ll quickly learn to care for. Outstanding presentation that rewards exploration is the cherry on top of a title we won’t be forgetting about any time soon. If you own one of Sony’s headsets, you absolutely cannot miss out on this special experience.

IGN - 8,3/10

Ghost Giant may look like just another VR object-based puzzle-playground from the outside, but its charming world and beautiful story tugged on my heartstrings in a way I wasn’t expecting. Considering its only three or four hours long, it’s a PSVR game worth making time for.

Destructoid - 7/10

Ghost Giant isn’t revolutionary. It feels like a VR advancement of a classic PC point-and-click adventure game, albeit one with a great look, phenomenal sound design, and a story I’m not ashamed to admit had me choking up a bit toward the end. You won’t be blown away by the immersion here, but it’s fun to interact with the dollhouse-like sets and just sort of goof around. Like a lot of VR titles, Ghost Giant is a shorter experience, but it’s a solid one that tells a charming story in a vibrant and colorful world.

PlayStation Universe - 8.5/10

Ghost Giant might not be the most deep or taxing title on PSVR but it does have an abundance of heart and soul-reassuringly large amounts of goodwill. Surely then, in a world that we keep being told is increasingly awful, that counts for something more than just the sum of mechanical and unfeeling parts that so many games are often content to be.

Well Played - 9/10

Ghost Giant is hard to talk about without spoiling too much of the story or gameplay, but I can say unequivocally that it is magical. It takes great advantage of the VR platform too, with the only real issue being that not everyone has a VR to experience it. This might be my new favourite Zoink game.

Eurogamer Italy - 9/10

Tutti i possessori di PlayStation VR dovrebbero giocare Ghost Giant, senza limiti di età (proprio come tutti dovrebbero vedere Inside Out almeno una volta nella vita). L’opera offre tre ore intense da ogni punto di vista: visivo, uditivo e immersivo; regalando un’esperienza emozionante e piacevolissima da giocare, con un gameplay fresco, veloce, interattivo e sempre vario. Ci dispiace solo che alcuni elementi, presenti nel trailer di annuncio, siano stati tagliati in fase di sviluppo e che conclusi i tredici capitoli in cui è suddivisa la storia si senta il bisogno irrefrenabile di volerne ancora. Quanto vorremmo che Nintendo si ispirasse a Ghost Giant per sviluppare un Animal Crossing in realtà virtuale.

Handsome Phantom - 8,5/10

There are some aggravating parts of Ghost Giant. Hearing important prompts is very nearly impossible in certain situations due to other characters speaking and making noise. Sometimes a puzzle will not work correctly for a few tries even though you will later get it to work by doing the exact same thing. Still, Ghost Giant is an instant PSVR classic. It tells a uniquely human story with non-humans at the helm. The art style is immaculate and beautiful in nearly every way, giving testament to the creators’ vision of a world that is alive and breathing. And let’s not forget about the fact that this game is just straight up adorable in every aspect.

Metacritic - 82


This is a definite NO for me, but maybe someone else might enjoy this:


No. Nobody will enjoy this. Because VR.



I just wish the new Vader VR game wasn’t PCVR exclusive.


I only just started playing this, but that was indeed the first thing to annoy me (moving your hand and the falcon flying away). I can’t wait to change that in the options.


Finally. Someone gets me. If you want me to exercise, attach a Platinum trophy to it.


And a sweat stained, fog inducing, wired headset apparently?