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Are there any games/experiences you’d recommend for showcase pieces? Like if you have people over who want to try VR, what do you show them? Battlefront’s X-wing Experience is #1 on my llst so far.


X-wing sounds like a good one. Most of the times I have played VR with others it’s has been with non-gamers, so I usually just stick with something I think will keep their attention. Surprisingly Job Simulator seems to be the most succeful at doing that. I assume because it’s something they can actually associate to reality and they often times eat it up and even role play, which always surprises me.


Yeah. I tried that demo and got that feeling as well. I’ll pick that up on sale and probably Vacation Simulator at some point whenever that releases.


Many PSVR titles are on sale right now on PSN. I just got Wipeout and VR Worlds for $11. Total. There are a few more I may pick up before the sale ends like Batman VR and Sports Bar VR.


If you get a chance to play Wipeout before the sale ends let me know. I have been curious about that one but always worry I am going to get motion sickness.


Oh, I cannot give you tips on motion sickness at all. I have yet to feel anything in my tummy and I’ve seriously tried. Even hours at a time of RIGS left me just wanting to play more.

I will try it this week though and let you know how it is.

EDIT: I have read that Wipeout has a lot of “comfort” controls for VR though, so there should be at least one setting that doesn’t make you sick.


Here’s the full VR sale list:


Flying starts at about 3:30, but this looks intense.


If you feel like you’ve missed out on PSVR after reading all of my insanely positive reviews, good news!!!



I’ve played some Wipeout and it is AWESOME in VR! But I can definitely see how it could make some people queasy. I turned off all comfort options just to see what it’s like and while I’m not sick, I’m disoriented now. My only complaint is there is no option to see the button layout, so I have no idea what I’m doing. But it’s real fun.


Calling all Smurfs…and @DarthSmurfX s


I’ll let you know on the 11th if I get in.



I have no idea who this is but thought someone here would get a kick out of it.

Also, this is a BIG NOPE:

And finally, this is a game I’d try:


@DarthSmurfX, I don’t know if you picked up AstroBot yet, but it’s awesome. I played it at @Rewfus house over the weekend. Definitely worth it.

Also, Super Hot is much better in VR.


After Bimble left I bought Beat Saber, and I also highly recommend that. It replaced Thumper as my favorite VR rhythm game.

Random trailer following, just cuz


AstroBot and Beat Saber are both on my Wishlist, but I haven’t had a chance to snag either yet. Also, that Groundhog Day VR thingee looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about.


This looks interesting. Give me some Portal vibes. Oh man, Portal VR would be amazing!

It’s been quite a ride, but I’m unbelievably happy to announce that ChromaGun VR will be dropping exclusively for PS VR on February 19.


I was listening to this and suddenly became quite interested in this game: