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Holy crap! That’s one scary VR experience that I’d probably attempt.




I’m really looking forward to that. A good flight sim has pretty much been my dream VR game. The X-Wing experience was awesome but too short.


This is great news for VR.

This chart-topping success isn’t restricted to Amazon’s ‘PC & Video Games’ category, but the site-wide sales charts governing all products available via the online retailer. At the time of writing, the PlayStation VR has seen a sales increase of 46,700 per cent, raising 467 places in the sales chart since the launch of the discounted bundle this morning.


VR is the next big thing, haven’t you heard?


That and 3D home theaters. Gonna be huge.


Aww, you changed it up. I was waiting for the trade mark Jango VR reply…

“LOL VR” ™


With the $199 bundle on sale this month and all these new games coming, I think it’s almost time for me to dive into this.


This is so tempting. Can anyone give me a reason not to jump on this (other than it’s the old SKU)?


PSVR Ownership Test

If you answer Yes to 2 or more of the following questions you should not buy a Playstation VR.

  1. Are you planning on mostly playing this alone, not with a group?
  2. When playing alone, do you have anything at all you are responsible for, such as the safety and well being of your family/significant others?
  3. Do you have a short attention span where you need to be constantly multitasking?
  4. Are you planning to get a 4K/HDR TV anytime soon?
  5. Do you laugh at @Jango’s jokes?


I said “Yes” to 1 and 5. I guess I’m disqualified.


You are actually disqualified for any sensible decision making for responding Yes to 5 alone.


So I don’t think this is for PSVR, but I couldn’t remember if we had a generic VR discussion thread, and it’s just too good to waste in the Randumb Vidyas thread.


Best use of VR ever. Like, ever.


I bought Skyrim VR, and it actually plays pretty damn well. I’m enjoying it. Funniest/saddest thing I noticed right away: the percentage on trophies earned drops WAY off after the first two. Looks like most people who play it do so for about an hour or two and that’s it. Can’t look too good to VR developers.


“Punch-Out” in VR? That actually looks right up my alley. And how did I miss this trailer from PSX? The game comes out today.


If the Gran Turismo bundle wasn’t the older PSVR unit, I’d be going to Best Buy tonight.


Maybe a reason to dust off those headsets?


Good article:

The Vita might not have been ones of PlayStation’s biggest successes, but it’s certainly one of its more cherished pieces of hardware; its intention to offer big console experiences on the go fell a little flat (even if Nintendo did prove the concept could work some short years later with the Switch), but its pivot to independent and mid-tier studios opened up the handheld to a new breed of fascinating games. In turn, Sony offered up a captive audience to smaller developers, resulting in a love-in that’s made the Vita adored by its faithful.

Maybe Sony was mindful of all that when it was creating the ecosystem for its most recent piece of kit, as PlayStation VR feels like it’s playing very much the same game. This isn’t the place to come if you want to see what Sony’s top tier studios and franchises are up to (with the notable and noble exception of Gran Turismo, of course) - instead it’s a lively playground of upstarts and neat new ideas, where fledgling dev teams can find an appreciative audience that’ll happily play even the most left field of diversions. If a recent showcase of forthcoming PlayStation VR games is anything to go by, it’s working a treat; support for PlayStation VR is strong, and over the next year there’s an awful lot to look forward to.