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Thanks old man, who I am assuming thought texting was dead on arrival.


I’m guessing the lull we’re in is just the development time for the next round of VR games. We always see this after a hardware launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer as teams try to figure out what works in VR and what doesn’t. I’m not worried.


I hope it’s not a sign. Everyone who tried it seemed to love the X-Wing VR experience, they’d be crazy not to try to make a full game from something like that. I’m looking forward to Ace Combat for a similar experience. Wondering if Farpoint will have any legs to it, so far the trailers haven’t wowed me even though I like the look of the gun peripheral. RE7 did show that you can have a full game experience in VR and have it be fun and immersive. Heck, even Eve got pretty good praise for the experience, if not for the longevity of what it provided.

Basically I’m hoping more is coming, otherwise I’ma sell the bitch. It would be really shitty of Sony to leave us hanging, but it wouldn’t be the first time.


Looking at the other headsets, Sony managed to sell another 375,000 PSVR units in Q1, according to SuperData, and the company believes it’s on track to sell 2.6 million in 2017, but interestingly Sony hasn’t been actively promoting PSVR as much lately. “Sony has been more vocal about the PSVR being about VR, not games. They are working with companies for commercial applications, even though it is not the obvious first choice,” Llamas told us. “But even the PlayStation is part of a larger effort to bring an entertainment ecosystem into the home - not just gaming experiences. They are going to the same route with the PSVR.”

I think the games are coming (I bet we’ll see a Battlefront 2 VR reveal at E3), but in the meantime they need to expand the non-game experience.


I honestly don’t think the price point is right. Who exactly is it geared towards @ a $400?

If you are new to console gaming you asking a person to spend $700 just to get started and thats before software.

If you have a console the $400 is still steep.

How many of you who actually bought it think it was worth the purchase? Be honest. How often does it get used? Do you really feel like it will be supported for full length feature games?

I think VR can be and is useful, just not in the gaming sense.

To me it just seems like the new Wii


New tech is always way too expensive when it first releases. Remember how much CD players were in the late 80s? Once the tech catches on, then the prices can come down and the casuals can jump on board. I have hopes that Sony, Oculus, Vive, etc are in it for the long haul and won’t just walk away after a year. And this article agrees with me:

Of course, PlayStation VR has had less time on the market than its PC-powered rivals, but Sony’s immersive technology group director Simon Benson (pictured below) is still very pleased with how the headset has been received so far.

“[It’s been] very positive,” he says. “We were very optimistic about introducing our gamers to virtual reality, but it’s only when you launch it that you know for sure.

"Creating a completely new type of gaming experience that involves wearing something on your head was a real challenge. When we see such fantastic user reviews, we know we have done a pretty good job in getting the important elements just right.

“It is still very early days, but we have a better feel for the demand for VR gaming and so we are planning to increase production. This is a really positive sign for the future of VR gaming and I’m looking forward to seeing even more people getting their hands on their own PlayStation VR headset and entering this new world.

Convincing early adopters is one thing, but the cost of today’s headsets still remains one of the biggest barriers to entry, something that Rubin’s team at Oculus have been all too aware of ever since launch day.

“I’ve always said there are two things we need to push VR forward: great content and lower prices,” he explains. “With regards to price, we always knew we’d have to take a serious look at the price of our hardware by the end of the first year.

“We’ve given hundreds of thousands of demos in retail stores and after every demo we give a survey. We overwhelmingly hear responses along the lines of ‘That was great, I loved it,’ but people who don’t buy Rift after a demo are held up by price. It’s as simple as that.

“So we did something about the price. That’s been huge for the Rift. By dropping the price of Rift and Touch, we’re aggressively pushing VR forward: more people will get into VR with lower prices and have more money to spend on the great VR content available, and that helps the entire ecosystem grow.


f[quote=“Jango, post:447, topic:166”]
How often does it get used?
[/quote][quote=“Jango, post:447, topic:166”]
Do you really feel like it will be supported for full length feature games?

I often wonder this myself, but more if I want it for full length feature games. To be fair, I haven’t played RE7 in it yet, but I think I might agree with Jeff on the Bombcast, it just takes too much commitment to play for long periods of time. It’s too hard to completely shut yourself off from the world (phone, daylight, kids!). I am not sure if AR might be the answer to that, but yeah, outside of a few short small party experiences, the thing never gets used.


Yep, one of those


That looks fucking terrible.


Game of the Year.


This isn’t really PSVR related, but this has to help make VR more accessible. It’s probably not the best VR experience around, but it breaks down some of the barriers to entry. And if VR is in the hands of more people, maybe we’ll get more games/experiences for it.


Farpoint is out. Getting pretty good reviews for the gameplay and feel of the Aim controller, pretty “meh” reviews as compared to other FPSs regarding story and innovation. I’d like to get it, but unfortunately $80 is a hard pill to swallow.


Why do I have a feeling Smurf might like this?

Turns out it might actually be alright:


It looks fun. Too bad I never pulled the trigger on the whole VR thing.



Star Trek: Bridge Crew is getting pretty decent reviews, especially if you’re a Trek fan. Can we get a nifty compilation of those? Anyone else thinking of getting it?



I’ll leave the nifty compilation up to Jeff if he is willing to do it for a game he will probably never play. As far as me playing it, I highly doubt it. I’m not much of a trekkie (I even had to google the spelling of that), nor much of a role-player, so I’m not sure what it would do for me. I will check out the reviews though to see if they might change my mind.


Our team at Skydance Interactive is thrilled to share the news with you that our very first VR game Archangel will officially launch in July for an exclusive two-week window on PlayStation VR before releasing on additional platforms.

Let us set the stage: a world ravaged by natural disasters. A corporatized, tyrannical United States where the government and freedom of the people no longer exist. With this in mind, strap on your PlayStation VR headset and prepare for battle.

In Archangel, you’ll discover that you’ve been selected by the United States Free Forces, the resistance, to pilot a one-of-a-kind weapon: a six-story high war machine built to destroy. You’re dropped into the cockpit of a giant mech to lead your squadron into battle against HUMNX, a private conglomerate that governs what little is left of a ravaged America.


Meh, I’ll post this video instead.