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Perhaps if you had spoken more kindly of this magnificent game, things like that wouldn’t happen to you.


We clearly failed this forum.


I can only type BATTLEFRONT! BATTLEFRONT! BATTLEFRONT! so many times. :grinning:


But on the bright side, I didn’t forget to buy it at $9 just for that reason.

The VR mission is really very good.



Dang. I wonder what the graphics will look like in VR.


Something like this I imagine:


Probably one of the few successful kinect party games (outside of dance games) is now in VR, and it’s an instant purchase for me:!/en-us/games/fruit-ninja-vr/cid=UP4043-CUSA07324_00-0000000000000006?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store


That was one of my favorite Kinect games. Let me know how it is in VR.


Nope. Alien: Isolation was terrifying enough.


I’m sure smurf already mentioned it before, but it looks like this comes out Tuesday:


2 Bundles coming back to stores:

Gamestop Only.


Great, first I see some kpop stars I follow on Instragram post about the PSVR and now bundles are re-announced.

Does this mean I have to get one? Am I really that malleable?


Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

This VR-focused Psychonauts game bridges the gap between the first game and Psychonauts 2.

First Released

February 21, 2017


PlayStation 4


Double Fine Productions, Inc.



Find out more at Giant Bomb

Getting some decent reviews, at least better than I was expecting for a one-off VR thing

Destructoid 8.5/10

I’ll say this much: as someone who is by no means a superfan, Rhombus of Ruin left me feeling proper excited for Psychonauts 2.

Attack of the Fanboy 4/5

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin serves as a fun side adventure, utilizing PlayStation VR to put players right into the world of the series. It does this well, with the usual excellent writing expected of Double Fine. The point-and-click gameplay is fun, and works well in VR, but the puzzles can and will stump you at some points, causing some extreme frustration. A short game, it is nonetheless worth trying out, especially if you were a fan of the original.

Gamespot 6/10

Rhombus of Ruin adopts a smart approach to VR and executes it with humor and confidence. But it could have been longer and deeper, more challenging and surprising. Like the story, the gameplay is superficially enjoyable but barely has time to develop, and because you’ll know all the puzzle solutions by the end, the campaign doesn’t offer much replay value.


I know I’m talking to a party of…what, 3? here, but I’m going to keep the engine running…

I would say Headmaster is the most liked game from people new to VR since it just requires you to move your head and there is no traversal to get you sick, so I am really happy to see them continuing to support it. I will have to check out this party mode sometime soon.


Really hoping Ace Combat is executed well. The Battlefront X-Wing VR mission really got me hyped for a full-fledged flight sim.




Some noteworthy PS VR games finally coming out that I might have to take a look at…!/en-us/games/gnog/cid=UP0399-CUSA04641_00-GNOGPS4000000000?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store

Demo below:!/en-us/games/statik-demo/cid=UP2598-CUSA06931_00-STATIKSIEADEMO00?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store


Kind of an interesting read from Scoops regarding the current lull in VR.

The problem: there’s not much to play. It doesn’t help that Resident Evil 7, far and away the best reason to invest in a PlayStation VR headset, spoiled me. (Hopefully its exclusivity is dropped soon.) It was a genuine taste at a future where big-budget games invested in making VR core to the experience. RE7 is a fantastic horror game that’s even better when paired with VR. But there aren’t many games like RE7. These days it’s mostly tiny, albeit interesting, experiments.

I took a look at Sony’s own list of upcoming VR games, written at the time the hardware launched, and pretty much everything on that list has come out. Where’s the next RE7? How come Outlast 2 didn’t ship with VR support? That should be required for any new horror game.

So, what do you guys think, outside of Jango, I already knows what he thinks. Is VR just having a slow start? Doesn’t it just need more market share for AAA games to be made for it? Is it just another hype train that is slowly coming to the end of the line? What’s the future of VR?