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I personally think that Eagle Flight will probably be better suited for PSVR. I am worried that Valkyrie might be too much for PSVR to handle, at least in a way that is as seamless as you would hope for a flight sim. I haven’t played Eagle Flight yet though, but that’s much more of an arcadey game vs a sim, no?


Yeah, it appears that way. One of the praises I keep seeing though is the sense of speed and feeling of flight are pretty awesome. I’m leaning toward that one.


But it also sounds like MP is where that really shines, and the campaign is really just to get you prepared for MP. It sounds like it’s about 4 hours long, so if you are looking for an MP game I would go Eagle Flight, if you are looking for more of a solo experience you might want to consider Valkyrie though.


And I’m more concerned with fun than realism. Both seem fun in different ways. I’ll probably hold off on blowing stuff up and go for the straight flying around for now with Eagle Flight. It’s funny how similarly a lot of these VR games are scoring on metacritic, not much really standing out.


I was only really interested in mp if I would have someone to play with. Usually it’s not much of a draw for me. The mp in eagle flight looks really repetitive: one mode, one map, really grindy trophies. The single player longevity looks a bit artificial via three star trophies for all the activities and collectibles and such, but that sounds like what I enjoy from Ubisoft games. Gah! Very indecisive. Wish I could afford to get both and not worry about it.


Have you played a game for long periods of time in VR yet? I want to sit down to put more time in to Tethered, as it’s a stationary game, I think I could do long stretches with it, but flight games I can’t imagine I could play for more than 20-30 minutes a time. That’s another difficult thing about deciding what games to get for this thing, you have to use difference criteria than you would for a console game.


True. I’ve played Batman and Rez for 1 - 2 hour stretches, maybe a bit more. The only game I felt a little queasy after playing for a while was the World War Toons Beta, which is basically a first person arena shooter. I haven’t read too many issues with either Eagle Flight or Eve. Eagle Flight apparently has some visual ticks specifically designed to combat motion sickness, and I’ve read it works pretty well even with its fast pace.


That’s the issue I was having with the Kinect. Except all of the Kinect games required movement of some sort, so eventually my laziness won out and I began playing only non-Kinect games.



Now if he could only figure out a way to get SteamVR games to run on the PS4, he would be on to something!



Ok, that’s cool.



I don’t know if you picked it up or not, but…$34 right now.


Hmm, $6 off. I bet it goes lower soon. That does remind me though, I completely forgot to pull the trigger on Battlefront and Just Cause. Oh well. Hopefully that VR experience isn’t amazing and cause me to spend $30 on the dumb game. I can say that because this isn’t the Battlefront topic…


How. Dare. You.


I did. With Amazon credits I got it for about $25 including shipping. I will report!


Was 2016 rough on you? Escape with this…


The X-Wing mission for Battlefront is the best thing I’ve played on VR so far. It’s only about 20 minutes long, but I played it twice in a row and will probably play it a few more times. So immersive and satisfying. If they don’t make a full game like it I’m gonna be a sad, sad panda.


DON’T TELL ME THAT! I forgot to buy it at $9 just for that reason, and now you are just rubbing salt on the wound. I never though I would regret passing up on Battlefront so much.