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I meant to post the VR mode on that game… then forgot. Sorry. I’ve failed this message board.


Hopefully someone who already has the game ahem @ChristopheLeFou ahem can let me know if the VR mode is worth it.


I might, but my hard drive space is very very limited these days. I think I deleted Catlateral Damage to make room for some other stuff.




So yeah, I apparently can’t get past the software license agreement for Jackal Assault. Push X and. Nothing happens, and I’m not the only one.


Alright, restarted the app and it worked. It took me longer to get the game started than it took for me to beat it, so I guess you could say I got my money’s worth?


Myst, in VR, coming to PSVR. Yes, please.


The quick look was interesting, and seemed that it would lend itself nicely to VR. I wouldn’t mind checking this out.

On another note, I picked up Tethered on a whim. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it’s essentially a pretty basic god game in VR. That was enough to sell me., plus a couple shady reviews online.


■ Story

A girl, left behind on the fragment of a star. She cannot escape the broken star , which lost its power, nor be perceived by others. However, only at the point where the coordinate axes of the world overlap is an “interference” from another world possible. The player, positioned at this singularity, dives into this world and becomes mutually perceptible to the girl by wearing “a device able to peek into other worlds (VR system).” Together, the player and the girl will join forces to solve a mystery, and by restoring the star to what it was and regaining power, attempt to escape.

■ Game Flow

The player cannot touch objects in the parallel world, nor can they talk to the girl. A system used “Focus Lock” is used to resolve this “discommunication.” First, when you look at an object you want the girl to interact with, it will be marked with a red border. From there, by making eye contact with the girl, she can carry it for the player, press switches, and take various other actions depending on the object. By repeating this cycle of Focus Locks and the girl taking action, you’ll be able to solve the mystery while trying to communicate with the girl.


Just an update:

I really enjoy using this thing. Batman VR is awesome, but leaves you wanting more. Rez Infinite is really sweet. Also short, but there’s more to pursue as far as perfecting levels and such and I look forward to doing all that. The music actually had me dancing at times as I played.

Pretty much tried all the demos, or at least the ones I was interested in. I like Battlezone and Eve, but not enough to pay $60 for them. I’m looking forward to Ace Combat for that kind of game, and hoping there’s more to it, mission variety and such. I’ve toyed with getting Rush of Blood, but I’m really only mildly interested, but want something else to play. Looking forward to The Martian! Kind of a blind drop on that one. Anyway, love the hardware. Looking forward to more real games.


I finally got a chance to boot up Tethered. It’s seems to be the first actual game I have played in VR and I am pretty excited for it.

Unfortunately I played it in the middle of the day in front of our large living room window, and the tracking SUCKED! I am planning on moving the setup back downstairs soon, but it does suck that it’s so finicky. I guess that’s what you get for shoehorning VR in to technology it wasn’t built for. In that regard, they did a pretty impressive job.


I wonder if they’ll come out with an improved camera or better controllers or something … if it takes off.


I had completely dismissed Eagle Flight when I first saw it, but watching Kyle have a blast with it has changed my mind a bit. I haven’t gotten to the Robinson: The Journey part yet, but that should be interesting as that’s one of the games I am interested in seeing someone play and/or playing myself someday.


There are definitely games I’m interested in (Robinson, Eagle Flight, Eve, Time Machine, Martian) but I just haven’t been able to justify putting much money in to them yet. Hoping some prices will drop a bit.


Anyone playing anything with multiplayer functionality that would be worth getting and teaming up in? I’m hoping Star Trek is the sweet spot for that.


Probably not the kind of multiplayer you had in mind, but this is a great game with friends:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

A game where one player can see the bomb, and must listen to their friends who have the instructions on how to defuse it.

First Released

October 8, 2015


Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Linux


Steel Crate Games


Simulation, Puzzle

Find out more at Giant Bomb


I haven’t played it in VR, but I will second that it is a great game.



I just printed out the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes manual on my office printer. It says “BOMB DEFUSAL MANUAL” in big letters on the front. Probably don’t walk around your office with that like I just did.

I guess this means I’m going to buy the game tonight.


Ha, I was bugging my wife to print it out at her office before she took maternity leave, but she never did. I have found the manual on the TV works pretty well for people that don’t want to be all hunky dory, but yeah, the paper manual is the true way to go.


Okay, I really want to get a flight sim. I’m looking forward to Ace Combat 7 but who knows when that’s coming. I’m dancing between Eve Valkyrie and Eagle Flight. I enjoy Ubisoft games with all there collectibles and such, it’s cheaper, and I think it’d be closer to the air combat style I’m looking forward to. Eve has big guns and splosions. Both have been criticized for being repetitive. Anyone have either or interested? Both have multiplayer, but Eve’s is much more fleshed out. I think if they were both $60 I’d go for Eve, but $20 less is tempting, even knowing I’m getting a slightly lesser game experience overall. Opinions?