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eh, read the directions, try it a couple times, you’ll be good to go.


Yeah, most every sling or harness I’ve seen has features for newborns. Remember how he was crammed in a uterus, too. His neck ain’t too fragile. :wink:


I was able to hide away from the baby for about half an hour and try out a few demos. Here are my impressions from order of what I played:

SuperHyperCube: It’s on the “Demo” disc but only gives you the option to buy, with NO DEMO! I almost don’t want to buy the game just for the audacity.

Rez: Impressive scale, but the game play has never really grabbed me, and VR doesn’t really change that. As I have said before I generally under appreciate music in games, and I don’t think Rez is an exception. I might give it a shot a couple more times to see if it grabs me, as this was one of the first games I played, and my lenses were all foggy from my eyebrows. The same thing that happens to me when I put on sunglasses for the first time. I really hope that this isn’t a reoccurring problem as it completely takes me out of the “reality”.

Eve: Valkyrie the first time I got to look down and see my virtual self, although I’m pretty sure you are a female pilot in that game, so was interesting to myself as petit with boobs, but hey, that’s virtual reality. The visuals impressed me, but the scale of it wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping. Once again, had foggy lenses, so kind of took me out of it. Hope to get back to it.

Rush of Blood: This far exceeded my expectations at first. I was completely sold on the world, but this was also the first time that grainy-ness really reared it’s ugly head because of the multiple dark scenes. I believe this is what they refer to as the screendoor effect, where you feel like you are viewing everything through a screendoor, and that couldn’t be more apparent in this game. This was also the first game I played with the move controllers, and I really enjoyed that. I did start noticing that jank here though that people are reporting. I tried to be an OG and empty a clip all sideways style aiming right in front of my face, and the camera DID NOT LIKE not being able to see my headset anymore. You really have to be careful about the light placement with that thing, more so than any other headset from the sounds of it. Luckily, I really didn’t experience the jittering effect that made the GB cast queazy. I did hold up my controller and saw it moving slightly when i was still, but I didn’t really notice that in the fore/background, so not sure if I’m just tolerant, or if I dodged a bullet, or what?

Rigs: I’m not sure if I just grew more positive on VR in general, or if I just was lucky in choosing the games in the order that I did, because once again, this is the one that impressed me the most. The visuals were by far the most vibrant, although that also revealed the jaggedy edges more than any other, but it didn’t really matter because everything was so jaw dropping. I’m not sure how much lasting appeal it would have, but this is the one I am the most tempted to purchase just based off the spectacle. Flying through the arena shooting opponents to my left while planning my scoring route in my peripheral vision to my right was pretty exhilarating.

All-in-all, Playstation VR most definitely feels like early, entry-level VR hardware, but I am fine with that. I get to experience games I would never get to experience any other way, and speculate about what the future will bring. If I had more will power, I would try to wait for the next iteration, but than what fun is that? I would still be on a flip phone with that mentality. VR is here, and I am happy to be a part of it.


I think I’m gonna be able to keep mine, but I’m kind of waiting to really feel like I have my wife’s blessing. It sucks, and I wish she was happier about supporting my hobby, but it is what it is. I have to keep living with her. :wink:

Didn’t even have a chance yesterday to open it, anyway. Neighbor came by just before I was gonna sit down to eat and asked for help moving. So that was most of my evening.


The fiance and I spent a lot of time yesterday playing around with our PSVR unit. In short, I love it and think it’s super solid tech. We had a blast with most of what we played. Bought Batman, Rez Infinite, and Thumper (after playing the demo). Super enjoy all three.

The Rush of Blood demo legitimately made my brain think a roller coaster drop was coming and I had a physiological reaction to it, in a good way.

The Here They Lie demo legitimately made my stomach sick from the general movement for whatever reason, in a bad way.

Here’s Kristen breaking it in:

Also, PSVR is the cat’s DREAM COME TRUE:


The cat picture is awesome. I now have yet another reason to buy one of these things.


It was great. She was jumping up at the Move controller like crazy.



I still don’t understand why Rush of Blood uses the Until Dawn namesake…


The characters make cameos. I guess.


What’d your fiancé think about the VR?

The cat thing is awesome. Haha.


She loves it, but she was already on board before yesterday. We had demo’d both PSVR and Oculus previously.

I’m now mostly waiting for Resident Evil 7. Any other full fledged PSVR games that I should be aware of? What are you guys excited for?


I’ve almost played all the games on the demo disc now and am getting a better feel for the system. For anyone who cares, here are some more of my thoughts:

Allumette: I quite about 5 minutes in because it appeared to be more of a non-interactive story, and I want to spent my precious minutes wisely.

Battlezone: I was more impressed by this than Rigs, and that’s saying quite a bit. I love the aesthetic and the tank controls work really well. If this ever drops to $40 or below, I may pick it up. I think most PSVR games are way overpriced right now, so I’m hoping most of them will get a permanent price drop like most of the Oculus/Vive titles did shortly after launch.

DriveClub VR: BORING. Very low res, not even believable physics, it’s just as basic as you can possibly get. Super disappointed.

Harmonix Music VR: Has potential, but only a few modes are interesting, and more from a tech demo perspective than anything else. The brushes feature is fun for a short time, and posing robots in dance positions has it’s hilarious moments, but mostly this is just a visualizer with little interactivity

Headmaster: This actually surprised me with it’s writing and presentation. For a game where all you do is headbutt soccer balls, they did a very impressive job delivering such simple mechanics while keeping this interesting. I’m actually thinking about picking this up, when I had ZERO interest before the demo.

Here They Lie: I can see how psychological thrillers can be a big perk for VR, but I couldn’t get over the graininess of this one. It was just such low resolution, I felt like I was watching some old, run down, low quality video footage more than I was playing a game. While it shows potential, I’m worried that the PSVR just can’t handle realistic visuals, and the only thing that will really excel with it are abstract games like Battlezone and Thumper.

Job Simulator: This was my first purchase. This was my first VR experience on the Vive a few months ago, and while I wasn’t completely blown away then, one of the developers is local, and I think this is probably one of the more fully featured games, so I bought it for $30.

Thumper: I’m pretty sure I will buy this. It’s pretty, responsive and just plain fun.

Tumble VR: Tempted to pick this up, but once again, I feel it’s way overpriced. It has one of the best VR tutorials I have come across, but I only got around to playing a short amount of the game. It’s a clever game.

Wayward Sky: VERY CHARMING. If this actually has legs, I will pick it up. The first game I played where you control a little third person doll like character in a large world, and I enjoyed it. I was hoping that PSVR would have a platformer like Lucky’s Tale at launch, but I don’t believe there is one, correct?

Within: Started it up, subtitle said interactive story. I shut it off.

That’s it for now. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your impressions so I can make some informed purchases. I really, really hope prices go down soon. And PLEASE let me know if you come across any more demos that aren’t on the disc.


Awesome, guys, thanks for the info. Headmaster is actually getting some buzz. I had pretty much zero interest in it, but it sounds like people are enjoying it.


Had some family over last night and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get in to multiple VR games and how much fun everyone had, especially the non game players.

We started with headmaster since it doesn’t require any controls other than head movement then moved on to job simulator. It’s amazing how great of a speciation VR can be, especially when the player really gets in to it. My mother-in-law was having a blast being a store clerk and everyone had even more of a blast watching her make a fool out of herself.

We ended the night with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, me thinking it would fail miserably because of how much concentration and teamwork it would take, but everyone picked it up right away.

I think my favorite parts of the night were over hearing multiple phone conversations where various family members were trying to explain this to other people over the phone. Made that $400 price tag worth it in one night…or so I like to think.


Ah, the old Rock Band effect. I’m hoping group gatherings like this help sell PSVRs and other VR units because I think they have a lot of potential. I remember not being interested in Rock Band until I went over to a friend’s house and played it with a large group. Then I bought Rock Band. Similarily with Dance Central and the Kinect, except it was my friends who ended up buying X360s after coming over to our house. And this happened with Wii Sports. Except with VR, I think it’s not going to be a one-trick pony gimmick. It has MANY other uses outside of one or two games. There are videos, second screen experiences, possible uses for concerts and sporting events, social apps, etc…


Just a heads up, looks like a demo for SuperHyperCube was released yesterday!/en-us/games/superhypercube-demo/cid=UP4427-CUSA04894_00-SUPERHYPERCUBTRL?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store


Oh hell yeah. One of the biggest disappointments with that demo disc was the fake-out demos like SuperHyperCube. It was the first one I went to try out, but of course it only had a “buy” options.

Felt like this doggo.


Same here, and for as much I have heard how good it is, $30 sounds like a very steep price tag for what it is, so hopefully this demo will help me make a decision.



Well thanks, Bimble, I went to the store to download the free game, and of course, this was staring me in the face:!/en-us/games/catlateral-damage/cid=UP0259-CUSA04521_00-0000000000000001?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store

I had no idea this had a PSVR mode…how can I resist now?

Oh yeah, if you want the direct link to the CoD experience, here you are:!/en-us/games/call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-jackal-assault-vr-experience/cid=UP0002-CUSA06832_00-CALLOFDUTYJACKAL?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store