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Ah! No, I searched on Best Buy’s website and the only thing they were showing was in Roseville. According to what the Sony reps were saying, this past weekend only had the one spot, but from here on out they’ll have demos in multiple places. So your map may not have been accurate for this weekend, but now it should be.


Wisconsin is getting the shaft here.


Must be nice.


Time to move…again?


Gotta get rid of a bunch of the shit I’ve accrued over the years, then maybe.


The dude is really into it.


Those two hosts/interviewers were the worst. Had trouble watching them. His excitement at the end at least seemed genuine, though.

Sort of tempted to pick up that Aim controller…


“What was that game with that little duck that would come up?”…


I mean…really?


Smurf mentioned this over year ago already, but I have been hearing really good things about SUPERHYPERCUBE from multiple sources. My friend that got a chance to try a PS.VR station recently and said it’s the one game you have to play if you go.


I have almost the whole total saved up for this, but my PS4 started making a loud whirring noise when I put a disk in last night… so… I’m going to play the waiting game.


On a somewhat related note, I was talking to a co-worker and he brought up a really good point about PS.VR games. I imagine most of them will be digital releases from the onset, considering most of them are “experiences” and not fully fledged games, but if PS.VR really catches on, is that really going to signify the end of physical releases?

Think about it, Valve and Oculus are all digital, and it makes selecting VR games in their VR storefront super easy, but is anybody going to want to buy a physical copy of a VR game? I still have my Best Buy GCU membership, and I love physical things, but there is no way I am going to deal with swapping out physical discs while I’m wearing a tethered headset. They are inevitably going to be releasing physical copies of VR games, like RE 7, etc…, right?

It’s just something I haven’t thought of before until now.


I nominate this for worst trailer of 2016.




@Threctory, you win this round.


Duel AND Atmosphere Dark Fantasy all in one 8+ hour experience? Sign. Me. Up!


Is that a passenger flying out of the car at 1:25?


Yes. At the end of the video, many are flying out of the cars and you get a running tally of how many people you killed with your coaster. I wonder if you can be flung out of a coaster in VR.


Ah! Hadn’t made it that far.


I’m not so sure that he does simply based off these two screen caps alone:


Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset will require about 60-square-feet of cleared space to use and asks that players remain seated whenever possible while playing, according to new documentation released by the company.


“PS VR uses 3D vision technology,” according to the site. “As there are individual difference in viewing 3D graphics and feeling of wearing VR headset, please try PS VR at shops or trial events before purchase.”

“Don’t blame us if you puke”