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I tried a bit of sarcasm instead of my usual “VR…LOL”.

Shouldn’t mess with a classic.



A premier VR boxing experience that puts you in the gloves of Adonis Creed on his journey from an underground amateur to a spotlight champion, Creed: Rise to Glory features revolutionary Phantom Melee Technology for impactful melee combat VR. Whether you choose to live out Creed’s story or set up your own Exhibition battles against a variety of skilled opponents, this makes you feel every punch, uppercut, and flurry through situational desynchronization, including fatigue, staggering, and knockouts.

Evasion evokes the feeling of a ‘bullet hell’ shooter, so it’s packed with intense battles. Victories in our game are hard fought. Major engagements in Evasion aren’t one-on-one affair where you sit back and slowly pick apart an enemy’s defenses; they’re tense and chaotic, requiring you to run and dodge and take on multiple enemies simultaneously. It definitely nods to some of the old school arcade shooters like Space Invaders and Galaga, but designed for full VR immersion and AAA-quality graphics powered by the Unreal Engine.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission lets you take control of Astro, the Bot captain of a ship on a mission to rescue its lost crew, who are scattered over 5 planets. You will be running, jumping and punching throughout 26 stages across 5 worlds, each ending with an epic boss fight.


This looks real good.


There are 4 reasons why Miyazaki wanted to make Déraciné

  1. The studio wanted to try its hand at VR: “Firstly, as a developer, we knew that we needed to be up to speed with what was going on in the VR space,” Miyazaki explains. “We were trying to find an opportunity to work on a project that would bring is into the fold.”

  2. Miyazaki wanted to revisit FromSoftware’s past: “As we were starting to wrap up Bloodborne and Dark Souls III we were obviously looking at what might come next, but at the same time we were looking at what we’d done in the past,” he says.

“We actually released a lot of adventure games prior to our more recent reputation for action titles. For example, we released one called Echo Knight. We didn’t want to just bring that back, but at the same time we knew that we had heritage in adventure games.

“So that gave us the opportunity to start having an internal conversation about what we could do within that genre, while at the same time looking at VR – and the two ideas meshed well.”

  1. It was time to try something different: “In recent years most of our games have been made by very large production teams,” explains Miyazaki.

“We wanted to challenge ourselves to do something new, but on a much smaller scale so that we could be freer to look at fresh ideas that didn’t require a huge commitment, while also being interesting enough to keep our team’s imagination flowing.”

  1. It was time to make something strange: “Maybe not all our newer fans will know this but once upon a time we used to put out very strange, quirky and unique games. That’s very attractive to me as a developer – I don’t want to keep on putting out the same kind of games all the time.

“I think occasional surprises are enticing to our fans. This is exactly that. It’s unexpected and doesn’t follow on from any of our recent titles – hopefully it appeals to our audience by being something new and fresh. It felt like the right time to do that.”

More at the link:


I am hovering over the “Checkout” button as we speak for the sweet, sweet Black Friday week deals. For those here that own the PSVR… $200 for the Moss/Astrobot bundle… is it worth it? Or should I go for the Creed/Superhot Bundle for $250 to get the Move controllers? Or should I not get it at all? I’m so torn.


Rewfus has AstroBot. I told him to post his review. I don’t think he has much time into it yet though.


I ordered the Creed/Superhot bundle so I’d have the Move controllers. I’ll get Moss later. And maybe AstroBot.

My decision was made a bit easier now that the Moss/AB bundle was sold out on Amazon.


AstroBot made me a believer in VR again. My PSVR was a paper weight until Bimble was kind enough to gift it to me for my birthday (which was in September, I just haven’t been playing games lately).

It’s the only non-first-person game that I have played which could only be done in VR, and is that much better for it. I get the same shit grin on my face playing that as I do when I play a first party Nintendo title. I’m not saying it’s as fully featured as a top tier console platformer, but it’s well worth the money.

I also picked up Tetris Effect which I am also enjoying for some similar relaxing vibes. Moss is probably next on my list. Superhot is great in VR, so you can’t go wrong with that bundle. The Move controllers will come in handy for many games.


Cool. I can’t wait to get Astrobot and Moss in the future. Here’s my VR list:

I already have these VR titles waiting for me:
Star Wars Battlefront VR
Catlateral Damage
Race the Sun
The Last Guardian VR Demo
The Playroom VR
Trackmania Turbo
Hyper Void
Starblood Arena
Creed: Rise to Glory
Superhot VR

And ones I’d buy:
Arkham VR
Beat Saber
Job Simulator
Wipeout Omega
Astrobot Rescue Mission

And maybes:
Tetris Effect
Playstation VR Worlds
Ace Combat 7

Are there any non-gaming VR apps I need to download? I have Hulu and YouTube already, but are there any others you’d recommend?


I downloaded some video players when I wanted to watch the It trailer in VR, but none of them really stuck out to me as being anything special. You’ll have to let me know if you find something.

Rec Room is worth downloading just for the crazy social experiment side of it. There are some “interesting” interactions you can get in to just f’in around in there.


Wait. Job Simulator…


Okay. So here’s my review after playing it all weekend.


I’m not sure I’d have been this thrilled with it had I bought it at launch with the paltry amount of games available, but I had no shortage of things to play or watch now. It actually rejuvenated my desire to play games more. I was choosing TV shows over games the last few weeks, but now when I’m not playing VR, I’m thinking about playing in VR. The screendoor effect was super noticeable my first time putting it on, but I barely notice it now. And I have yet to feel queasy or nauseous at all. The gap at the bottom of the headset is insanely noticeable during loading and black screens, but not during actual gameplay which is great. It helps when needing to track down where I set the controller or Move wands, but isn’t intrusive when the screen is filled with images.

Now for the games/experiences I played:

Day 1:
Star Wars Rogue One X-wing Mission: This was my first experience with PSVR (besides the short demo on their tour bus over the summer) and it was AMAZING. I can’t believe that EA and DICE haven’t greenlit a full VR Starfighter game by now. You start up the demo and there’s an AT-AT walking over you. From there, it just gets better. The flying, the aiming, the sounds, the graphics… all were top-notch and I had to play the mission again the following day. This is the demo I will show to all of my friends and family.

The Last Guardian VR Demo: This was my second experience and it was also great. Seeing Trico like that really brought me back to my GOTY 2016. That’s another one I’d show friends and family. I love how a bunch of these things are free.

Hulu VR: Uh, it’s kinda cool, but the videos are so pixelated and janky. I can definitely see a future here where the tech gets better with time, but right now it’s at a very basic level. I did the Jaguar Experience and I’d probably show that to animal lovers, but not really anything to brag about.

Playroom VR: Free and fun. I’ll toy around with it again at some point. It gave me a feel for what the AstroBot game will be like and I’ll buy that soon.

Thumper Demo: Not my thing.

Hyper Void: I got it for free, it’s kinda fun. Not sure how much time I’ll spend with it in the future though.

Trackmania Turbo: Another PS+ game that is fun in short bursts. If you want to feel the Gs, do any track with a loop-de-loop. I didn’t unlock any trophies while in VR mode… is it not possible with this game? I figure with how long I played (and got Golds on the entire first circuit), something would’ve popped.

Day 2 (I hooked up the Move wands for the first time):
Catlateral Damage: I bought this game a long time ago when it was on sale dirt cheap. It was mildly amusing at the time and worth the $2 or whatever. In VR, though, super cool. I mean—for what it is. You’re a cat that has to knock things off shelves and break them, so it’s no Red Dead Redemption 2, but in VR it gave me my first, “oh, crap” moment. I jumped onto a tall bookcase to knock some books down and suddenly I realized I was on the very edge of the case and felt like I was going to fall off. I’m not afraid of heights, but that really tricked me and I had to tell myself that I was standing on a solid floor and there’s no chance of my falling to my death.

Job Simulator Demo: I’m buying this when it’s on sale next. I thought the demo was fun, but I hear it’s not terribly long, so I’ll buy it when it’s cheaper.

Dino Frontier Demo: Not what I was expecting, but a really innovative use of VR. I could see this format working for other strategy-style games like Starcraft or Command and Conquer.

Playstation Worlds Demo: I did the one where it puts you in a cage and lowers you into the ocean. That is also a showpiece and if the actual game ever goes on sale, I’ll buy it just for the shark attack experience.

Starblood Arena: “Free” via PS+. Here’s where I decided to test my stomach. It passed. It reminded me of the old shooter Descent and I could feel the G-force, but not to the point of sending me to Chunderville. I’ll play this again unless RIGS is more fun (I have that waiting for me as well. Thanks, PS+).

YouTube VR: See Hulu VR above. I tried a Skydiving video which was awful because the guy kept moving his head everywhere and a Kayaking over waterfalls video. Neat, but it needs better resolution in the future.

Gary the Gull: Short, good graphics and kinda funny. Worth the download and 3 minutes of your life.

Day 3:
SuperHot VR: SuperFun. But how are my legs THIS sore after playing this yesterday? Oh, yeah. That’s right—I’m SUPER lazy. I almost forgot. So far—next to the X-wing level—this is my favorite VR game.

Bound: I got this via PS+ and had been saving it for if I ever took the plunge into VR. It was worth the wait. Great story and the environments in VR are beautiful. I seriously doubt anyone could complete any of the speedrun trophies in VR, but I played the entire game in one sitting. The camera was tricky, so maybe I’ll turn off the VR safety settings next time to see what that does. I recommend this game if you have PSVR. I even took a screenshot.

Overal it was money well spent and I can’t wait to play the following titles:
Wipeout HD
Creed (still in the wrapper)
AstroBot Rescue Mission
Beat Saber
Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator
Ace Combat 7


It’s not $250, so if you missed the Black Friday sale… tough!


This looks kinda neat—a puzzle game in VR. Now I just want Portal VR.


I’ve played a few more VR titles, so more impressions incoming:

RIGS: I’ve read that so many people that have played this game had their first bout of motion sickness with this game. I did not experience that. In fact, I found this game incredibly fun. I like it more than Starblood Arena actually and can’t wait to go back into this game. Granted, I didn’t try the online mode yet, but the single-player was fun enough for me to want to play more. It almost wasn’t this way though. After you run the tutorial it asks you to buy your first ship… I HATED my first ship. HATED IT. I lost the first 3 matches in spectacular fashion and almost quit forever. But, I earned enough cash on my losses to buy a different Mech and decided to play one more match… and it made all the difference. I won that one and signed off, but the urge to play more was too great so I had to go back in and I kept playing for a couple hours. I highly recommend this game if it doesn’t turn your stomach.

Race the Sun: I found it boring in regular mode, and slightly less boring in VR. But it was free with PS+, so I can’t complain.

Creed: I went in with low expectations and left nearly lying on the floor dead. Seriously… I’m out of shape. I ran the practice, then jumped into the first match. And it was eerie staring at this scary looking dude right in my face. Very cool and I easily vanquished him. Then it puts you back in practice—where mine glitched out and put me too close to the bags so I couldn’t punch them, I hope this gets fixed. I thought… hey, why not try another match? I went into my next bout, knocked the dude down like 4 times and the round ended. Round 2 started and here is where I felt like my heart was going to explode. Punching, dodging, blocking… I had to sit down and let the opponent knock me out or else my wife would come home to me lying face down on the floor still wearing my headset and Move controllers. THIS will be my workout game moving forward though.

tl;dr—practice is meh, but the boxing is fantastic.

NextVR: My complaints about low-res videos in YouTube and Hulu did not carry over to this app. I watched a WWE Summerslam event, which was quite cool. Then I went in and watched a stand-up routine and—while quite unnecessary for comedians, I can definitely see the utility of this app for things like sporting events and concerts going forward in the future. I can’t wait to live in the Portlandia skit where I never have to leave the house to see bands and other cool things with hoards of annoying people surrounding me.

Then, I actually got my wife to try on the helmet. She gets motion sick really easily, so I started her with things I knew where easy to view. First up was the VR Worlds Underwater demo… she really liked it, but complained that it wasn’t real. She even said she was getting nervous as it took her super deep and the lights went out. I can’t wait to get the Shark Encounter when that game goes on sale next. So next, I put her into YouTube VR and showed her nature videos including a pack of wolves, a bear encounter, wild horses, manta rays, a shark encounter, the Irish cliffs and a few more. She—a person who hates video games—said, “okay… this is actually cool” and then took the unit off before the chunderfest could start.

This is where VR shines over other accessories (cough-Kinect-cough)… that it has other uses besides games to attract non-gamers. Those events in NextVR and the nature videos are things you sometimes can’t experience in real life. Now… if only we could hook up two units to the same PS4 at once.


I’m pretty sure I have said it before, but I have found Headmasters to be the best introductory game for first time VR players so far. It has interaction, but all you have to do is sit stationary and nod your head. No traversal, no motion sickness, but still enough sense of place that it doesn’t seem like you are just viewing a video. I would consider picking it up if it goes on sale.


Are there any games/experiences you’d recommend for showcase pieces? Like if you have people over who want to try VR, what do you show them? Battlefront’s X-wing Experience is #1 on my llst so far.


X-wing sounds like a good one. Most of the times I have played VR with others it’s has been with non-gamers, so I usually just stick with something I think will keep their attention. Surprisingly Job Simulator seems to be the most succeful at doing that. I assume because it’s something they can actually associate to reality and they often times eat it up and even role play, which always surprises me.